Offer larger SnGs

why are the S nGoes so small to join? I wish there were bigger and better Sn G’s

We had them, but no players for them. Only the 500 chips and the 1k SnG runs.

That’s really too bad Happi. I would like to play with a smaller table, as I’m sure i’m not alone. But to sit for an hr and only win maybe 5,000 not worth my time. OH WELL! Maybe they might rethink this in the near future. Thanks

For more than a year you was able to register for SnG buy-in 50k in the High Sake lobby or on the SnG page. On the SnG page we had 50k SnG tourneys 9 seats. Even 100k.

Why did you not play than?

But on the new site it is easier to register and see how many players regestered already if the SnGs run better we can add more tourneys again.

I did not play because 9 seats never filled up. That doesnt mean I didn’t look. Maybe 6 seats would. Just a thought. Thanks

Thanks gopo for the suggestion. As happiness noted, with the new website the SnGs take more prominence, plus without the stake level restrictions (we recently removed) and with more players each day on RP, I think it’s now viable to start offering a greater range of SnGs. I’ll discuss it with the scheduling team then we’ll add a bunch of new ones.