My question is can married people sit together at the same table during a tourney?

If they do, they may not be married long.

I think they’d need different IP addresses, too.


Absolute best answer ever. Actually did laugh out loud.

They can if there are more than 10 players in the tournament. So sit and goes are out, but MTT’s it can happen. I know from experience with my BF.


Hi, yes JTaramasso is right.

People sharing IP cannot join the same single table together, like a SnG or a ring game, nor can they both register to the same MTT until at least 10 players are registered. This is because MTT have multiple tables and the chances of them being seated together is diminished.

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Yes, Taramasso you are right. My husband and I, because we have the same IP address can not sign up for the same tournament with a few players. We also can not sign up for Ring tournaments. It is really sad for us that we can’t play at the same table in the Ring games; we used to with another poker game and it was so much fun. Every once and a while we get on the same tournament table, but rarely because there are so many players. We both love this game and would play the ring games more if we could play at the same table. We love this game and Replay is exceptional in every way…A fun game in every way.

Alan, my husband Surf and I can’t register for the same tournament unless there are more than 10 players because we have the same IP address. Once there are plenty we can register in the same one, because the chance of us getting at the same table is really thin. Replay is a great place to play a good game of poker.

It’s a shame the cheaters had to screw this up for everyone.
I have 2 grown sons and a daughter that live locally and we have a weekly game here at my house.
One night after everyone was getting tired of shuffling I had the brilliant idea of finding a 6 seat SnG on RP we could all play.
They all agreed, great idea… until we found out it’s not possible. :disappointed_relieved:

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No discussion, I just WOULDN’T !!

Hopefully in the Future such an “Invite Table” will be possible. With all the Conspiracies, fibbing, misdirection, Piling on not to mention the Language it’s a good thing spectators are not allowed.

I play WPT and some side stuff. You make a table you play a table. The felt will show you the rest. Just a FYI I did it only once and her play was so bad it messed my play off. She came in 3rd. I was out 1st table.

Thats a Great idea. Talk with I think Stacy?