Is there any way I can play with a family member on the same IP?

I understand the reasoning behind it but is there not a special room we can go in or anything to play each other? I’m sure the other week we could play Paris Cooldown but it’s now saying he can’t be seated as someone is already using the same IP address.

Is it possible to play the SnG HU tourneys together? He only has 2.5k chips at the moment so he can’t enter at the moment but if he got some more chips would that be possible?

Hi Muse

You only can play the same tournament when more than 20 players registered. It is not possible to play together in ring games or in SnGs anymore. Hope your brother has enough soon to join the multi table tournaments.

Greetings Happiness.

Oh that’s even better. That’ll be great fun! Thank you Happiness :slight_smile:

RP work something for this IP family play regular rooms I think, I guess we can see thet next year.

I think Marcipan is referring to ‘home game’ style tables and tourneys, a bit like what pokerstars does. Yeah, we’d love to add that - maybe next year =)