Why people don’t play SNG MT tournaments?

Whenever I want to play and register for one of the SnG MTs (most of the time with high blinds, specifically the purple ones from the list of NL Hold’em Sit 'n Gos), there is no one else there. I end up playing another tournament in the meantime, but once again, no one besides me has registered. Why is that?

In the lobby under MTT, click on the ‘start^’ column to bring up the latest tournaments for registration.
Also, just wanted to mention that MTT and SNG are two different games. SNG have a maximum number of players that can join. Usually, from 2 to 18.
MTT has no limit to number of players.
Ring Games have no entry fee and you can come and go from the table whenever you want.
Hope this helps and welcome to the site.


I know, these are sit’n’gos wuth two tables, 18 or 12 players per tournament

Ah, I did not see the purple games until I scrolled down some. I guess those games are not popular. But, you can register for one of them and see if anyone wants to play. When you register a game it should then move closer to the top of the list, where people can see it.

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For me, and I’m guessing for others, if I’m going to play an MTT, which is what I mostly play by far, I’m going to play a scheduled tourney. I know when my favorite tourneys start, so if I’m feeling like playing, I’ll look at the clock to decide if it’s time to play or continue with whatever I’m doing.
Good luck at the tables.