SnGs are dead?

… at least at my european playing times. No idea what is going on.

SNG is not dead at all. all a person needs to do is scroll down to the bottom, with the hiding playing clicked off to see how many people are playing, and that is where you sign in to play a tourney. SNG is Great !!!

It’s getting worse, no1 up for a quick tourney? Rake too high, MTTs taking the same amount of time but more rewarding? Still wondering.

Cheers & Happy New Year to all.

it would be very helpful, when sngs fixed limit could be higher like : 6 seated = 5K, and 9 seated= 10K
for example, so waiting time would be Shorter and more attractive to Players.
could be the same in the ring games - how about that. greetings blueheeler67