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Shakeraise mentioned in another thread about developing the SnGs around here. I heard from other players that there used to be many more SnG players than there are now… I’m not sure I have the answer but we can surely help Shakeraise and staff brainstorm ways to solve this.

I agree with Shakeraise that SnGs are a great way to learn tournament side of poker because SnGs are not really different from MTTs… They are also a great way to build bankroll…

So I’m looking around the SnG lobby, and I really wish I could hide empty tables (hint hint)… Then I notice there is nothing in the freeroll/ticket realm and no nothing ML … Then I look to see thier leaderboards, and all I see is basic ones, but nothing like “regioanls”,“bankrollbuilder”, or “jewel leagues” for the SnG players…

I do believe that all 3 lobbies could use a “tweak” on how information is display’d, by selectively choosing what info you want to see… Like, show me all Jewel League MTTs, or a proper fix on “favs”… or even having things individually selectable. But, from what I can see, the SnGs around here seem pretty boring compared to what Replay offers for MTTs. Thats prolly the starting place for driving traffic to SnGs.

I’ll give this a fresh rethink a few times, and add to this thread but lets all help staff make SnGs as popular as MTTs and Ring games are… shall we…


Would be nice to make the SnGs more popular.


Comon Sharon,
You’re the SnG girl, I bet you got some great ideas… do share.


I love SnGs :+1:t2:

I haven’t played ring games in probably 6/7 months .

I’d be willing to help wherever I can.

Now I’m partial to that new league “Kool Kidz” it’s a MTT :+1:t2: and it rocks !!!


Have received a few messages asking if in the future games will be added on weekdays…was a big hit on Friday and people don’t like to wait a whole week.


Will give it some thought.


I’m trying to ad a Saturday night right now but if there is interest, sure :+1:t2:


The old hedgehog here is a long time SNG player. It’s my favorite format and was one reason why I migrated to this site when my former location decided to penalize chip action.

I would love seeing larger field SNG games. Most here are a one-table format. This may well be due to the lack of players as the other site had 45-player games going off every 3 - 5 minutes. So it’s a bit of a chicken-egg deal. SNG games would be more popular with larger fields but if it takes over ten minutes to fill it doesn’t work. People don’t have the patience to wait too long for a game to launch.


please… you have your thread, don’t you … Stay On TOPIC…

Cairn, I’ve tried to get a SnG , 9 ppl going and it takes 30-45 minutes if it even happens @ all… Long ago I got used to 180 or 360 ppl SnGs, that closed in 2-3 seconds… but thier SnG lobby was active, a 1 table SnG would open/close in under 60 seconds usually…

This reminds me of the fact you can get 200+ ppl for a freeroll (MTT) , thats capp’d on places and prizefund paid… but you can’t get 200+ ppl to pay 1k and get a much better payout/places paid … the psyche around here is wierd, yet you got ppl playing bingo in ring games all the time for more than 1k at a time…

A good rule of thumb for SnGs is 1 minute per 9 person table for signup… so a 45 ppl SnG might take what 5 min to fill ??? while checking the available dropdown filters, I saw no ML , Ticket, or Freeroll games for SnGs… I see huge possibilities there for generating interest.

If you get 9 good players, a 1 table 9 ppl SnG can take a while, so you need alot of players constantly… whereas the MTT lobby works because the start times are static and you can consolidate your players into just a couple tournaments…

I figure Replay can generate enough interest, thru promotions and events … to resussitate the SnG lobby, but the real need here at Replay is plain o’le playerbase. Some of the funnest SnGs I used to play, aren’t doable here since this is a no D/L site.

If its hard to get a 1 table 9 person SnG going, its hell to get a 45, 90, 180 ect ect going. Another problem here is instant gratification, too many players migrate to Ring games, hoping for that quick score… or that instant rush… SnG & MTT are better suited for learning and building bankroll, so those players stay away.

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My apologies I was answering a question. I’ll go sit in the corner now :disappointed:




Hahahahaha :+1:t2:

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Lets look at traditional payouts I have seen here…
9 ppl - top 3 … 6 ppl - top 2 … 4 or 2 ppl - 1st only…

It was talked about elsewhere long ago, payout structure…
I would really like to have staff ( hey @fizzymint ) to post somewhere a payout grid.
I have noticed its not just as easy as 1:5 or 1:9 … 9 ppl have top 3 where 18 ppl only have top 4, not top 5. I think one of the keys to a vibrant SnG atmosphere would be a simple posted and reliable payout structure.

Perhaps, 1st 9 is top 3, but its +2 for every aditional 9 ppl… or top 5 for 18… or top 7 for 27… but I would like to hear from staff on how payout is calculated. because of 6 or 4 table games, then a 1:4.5 beyond 9 ppl no matter…

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I think SnGs offer just as many options as MTTs do, and could have just as many promotions and leaderboards… Sometimes SnGs offer unique situations that MTTs just can’t. I will say with all seriousness, don’t target a full rollout for SnGs till the damn 50% finishing rule goes away. Sure I can think of a couple great ideas for promotions in Nov or Dec, but because what players we have here, most play 1 table… and on 1 table, every place matters… Period !!!

After looking @ the Ring Games, you should target micro/mini level SnGs 1st. Possibly a ticket format also. Once you attract a couple hundred players and get them used to playing certain SnG types, then you rollout stuff like BankrollBuilder, Jewel, or Regional type offerings to compliment the current low-med-high leaderboards. I’m still not sold on the “ave of” or “best of” in thier basic forms being the best way to calculate leaderboards, but I do think xtra attraction/retention of players can come from a better calculation.

A promotion contest, just like I suggested for MTTs, would be awesome because that way… we the players who play day in-out not only get to give great ideas, but those players do almost all the work for staff, by developing the promotions. Every 4 months the winner’s promotion would run. Sometimes its not staff that has that brilliant idea while playing, that turns into that killer promotion… but us players might.

I do think that if say, 4-5 basic types of SnGs are offered, it could cover most of the basics that your newer players need to learn. So while promoting SnGs, you also are teaching your playerbase the basics of SnGs kinda. :thinking: You certainly need to add 100 & 200 buyin SnGs, since currently 500 is the lowest… ( and a must is HideEmptyTables )

Here’s an idea for a blowout promotion for SnGs.
– SnG Sattelite Freeroll Bonanza – ( NL Hold’em )
Run this in 4 forms : 6 & 9 person tables, and 1 & 3 table SnGs. ( 6,18,9,27 ppl)
Payout is as follows :
6 ppl ( top 2 )- (2):ticket:+300 chips, (1):ticket:+150 chips
9 ppl ( top 3 )- (2):tickets:+500 chips, (1):tickets:+300 chips, (1):tickets:+150 chips
18 ppl ( top 5 )- (3):ticket:+500 chips, (2):ticket:+500 chips, (1):ticket:+500 chips, (1):ticket:+300 chips, (1):ticket:+150 chips
27 ppl ( top 7 )- (3):tickets:+500 chips, (2):tickets:+500 chips, (2):tickets:+250 chips, (1):tickets:+500 chips, (1):tickets:+500 chips, (1):tickets:+300 chips, (1):tickets:+150 chips

Now Week 1 everything is a freeroll for entry, the point is to bank as many tickets as possible… yes there’s a 6 person ticket :ticket: & a 9 person ticket :tickets: , as well all qualifers get a small payout in chips for thier time and effort. All tickets for specific to week 1, and are entry tickets to week 2…

Week 2 SnGs can only be entered with a week 1 ticket of the specific type ( 6/9 person ) in the same two formats 1 & 3 tables… all payouts for week 2 are the same but chips are doubled and the tickets are now week 2 specific and are used for week 3 entry.

Week 3 is the final week, and where the fun begins… All SnGs are limited to 1 table. Points are awarded on finishing posistion… so 9 or 6 pts for a win, and last place is 1 pt…(2) Leaderboards (6 & 9 ppl) are based on “best 10 of 15”. The goal is to play in 15 week 3 SnGs, and take your best 10 of those. Once you have played your 15 week 3 SnGs, you’re done.

At NO TIME will chips be used for buy’n your way into these SnGs. This is a Freeroll → Sattelite type promotion. Because its a freeroll in Week 1, that should keep the SnG lobby humming with willing players to play these special SnGs.

So you freeroll your way to earn week 1 tickts, you use week 1 tickets to enter in week 2, you then win week 2 tickets you use to enter in Week 3…

Just a suggestion, but trust me… around here you say “freeroll” and you got hundreds of willing players, ready to play just about anything…

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No way !!! I think your payouts are way to lenient. I wouldn’t want to sit at a table and walk away with baby chips for my time and effort. Most players sit to win as much chips as they can.

SnGs Minimum should be
6 players top 1
9 players top 2
18 players top 3
27 players top 5, that’s where you stopped so I will also.

Just my take on it as a player.

I’ll post more later , gotta go sorry.

Edited** not to confuse some of our readers…

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Sarah, I so do adore your passion for the game! :heart_eyes: And your logic is usually totally irrefutable. Honestly, I haven’t read through the entire posts, because I’ve been up to my ears getting my mom home from rehab after she had four heart procedures in four weeks… :thinking:And I am her guardian.

And did I read that Craig is in the hospital now, and scheduled for surgery on Thursday? :mask:Perhaps he’s not up to his best game either…:dizzy_face:

May I suggest some grace and tender mercies under the circumstances? :pray: :Even if the whole Replay world arrived at a consensus about Sit n Gos today, it would probably take several weeks to implement changes anyway …:wink:

And I promise I will read through the posts today, so I can reply with some grounded thoughts. Come to think of it, I’ll look you up on A Sit and Go table today!:triumph:

SnGs compare very favorably to other types. Would it be helpful to develop this concept? See the attached file , edit, comment, expand, etc… Trying a chart format for simpilicity…

TourmanentTypesComparison.xlsx (9.6 KB)

If the house starts adding chips to the payout I will play more…

I hear ya… SnG pot pays 30% of entrants vs 10% in MTTS … so very favorable…
PAYOUTS for a 50K entry, 9 Players - NOT BAD, especially for 1 hr average…
Prize Distribution:
208,125 chips
124,875 chips
83,250 chips

whether its 6 or 9 players… a 1 table SnG, has the best payout % ( 33% or 1 in 3 entries ).

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