Why be sad!

So many get so sad to lose,why not think what they did and go forward and win next instead!!! Today i got supriesed in 1 mill a guy get all in evry time,evry hand and i lost my play plan,i dident hit on his all in,but it make of off gard and i lost it all fell apart but i am not sad of it and i never complain,its a tuff a magic game poker!!! so much more than poker!!! Lose not get sad,rebout and win,not win think whats you doing wrong!!! dont be that who do all in!!!


Some people’s brains are wired in such a way that they don’t like to lose and when they do, which happens more often than not if they throw a tantrum and go all-in like a 5 year old, they throw an even bigger tantrum. I mean it’s silly but that’s people for you. I’m more of a “you win some, you lose some” type of theorist, nothing is certain, but I certainly am not one to complain if I lose free play chips that cost me nothing. It’s only a game.


Agree completely. It always amazes me watching someone completely melt down in a tournament. One unlucky hand and they tilt so hard. Watching someone go from chip leader to eliminated just before the bubble in a span of 3-5 hands is painful. One of the most important lessons in tournament poker is put the last hand behind you before your next two cards land in front of you. The tournaments where you go from worst to first multiple times are often the most memorable ones. Enjoy the ride :slight_smile:




it doesn’t happen often but it has happen to me a rare few times where I ladder up and was a chip leader and in a span of 10 hands I got eliminated by a bad runout of bad beats and coolers. so it is bound to happen to all of us but we know which ones are the punts lol


It’s just nice to see the odds hold up occasionally and not have to suffer beats where the odds are ridiculous.

A fair crack of the whip is all that is expected.

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