Want to apologize to everyone

I made this thread I can't win an allin to save my life - #54

And at the time I 100% stood by it that this site was rigged. The amount of bad beats seemed ungodly. Every time I flopped two pair they rivered the straight, or I had aces against kings and they hit a king, and I also noticed most of the time I had jacks they would have kings or aces.

It doesn’t seem to be happening to me as often and it feels like real poker now. I even won two decent sized tournaments and have almost 1.5 million chips.

Now in real life I’m suffering the constant bad beats and not so much on here. Weird.


You’re not the first person in history to lose their mind after going through a bad run. Don’t feel too bad.

Everyone has good and bad days in life and in Poker. Just chill and get on
with it!

Don’t worry, be happy.