My thougts

It’s not easy to be a poker player, now I’m not a player who really hates to lose, of course I do, but it’s nice when someone else succeeds, not if it takes all my chips :slight_smile: My thought was that there is so many who take it too seriously, it is after all just a game, but a beautiful game !! Would be more fun if a lot of people light up a little and do not hate and such! I have to thank this community in Replay, wonderful people and you learn things! We all have a love of poker here, but life is more than poker, but so much of us! I do not strive to be the best, I strive to be as good as I can be and have fun, that’s what poker is all about! Take care of yourself out there !!


I couldn’t have said it better myself. There is way too much seriousness. Poker is just a game, but the people in the Community are always special.


There is nothing wrong with taking it seriously - BUT - show some class and poker etiquette - I have been in tourneys where I have lost - but had a great time - the opposite is true - I have won tourneys - but did not really enjoy the tourney - its not hard to show some class - but even some of the very good players on this site could learn a thing or 2 about that.