on winning (and losing)

I have noticed that a lot of people on here get very perturbed when they lose…either a hand or tournament. Some go so far as to actually denigrate the winner … or stalk off and leave whatever pitiful stack of chips they have left to be blinded off.

I do not understand these people.

Of course that is because I seldom lose. I am reminded of the great Andy Griffith and what he said about winning…“winners should just grin a lot”…


I’ve been working on it… I don’t get too bothered, unless I hit a protracted losing streak, especially when they’re close hands, or when my opponent sucks out on the river, again and again. But letting losses get to me only seems to make me play worse, so I’ve letting been working on letting them go. I’ve been getting better at it, and it’s helped my game. Lose a hand, just come back and keep playing my A game. Lose a game, take a break and sign up for another one. To play good poker, you have to not attach yourself to the chips.

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It’s a matter of perspective. What’s more important; being a good person or being good at free poker?


Some are even worse and hold a grudge for weeks. It’s pathetic. Very very sad people.

I’ve been playing the Ursa Major league and there’s a small group, buddies from some private league, that are just nasty.

They soft-play each other all the time. For example, 3 of them in a pot, last to act flops the nut flush, and they all check it down to showdown. In another hand, one of them limps from UTG, another limps, his buddy shoves his tiny stack, and they both fold instead of calling less than 1 more BB. Just to keep the other guy in the game.

Another time, one of them says in chat, “careful” when it’s his buddy’s turn to act. They fold, another buddy calls, and Mr. Careful shows AA. He then says, in chat no less, “I tried to tell you.” The one who folded says, “Yeah, I listened.”

Insults, soft-play, team play, outright cheating… in free poker. Mom must be so proud!

I take it as a complement. They know they can’t beat me playing fair. Hell, they can’t come close even when they cheat. Kinda funny, that. The insults mean less to me than a snot bubble from the nose of a newborn yak. I’ve played (and beaten) more than a few teamers when I was playing for real money, bring it on.

I’ve found that the lower the skill level, the bigger the mouth. Kids are like that, I guess.

The same can be said about some people here on the forums unfortunately. They hold a grudge for weeks and even months. it’s pathetic. Very very sad people.

I’ve had supposedly smart people holding a grudge against me for months now. The saddest part is when they wait and wait and wait for you to say something, or for someone else to say something to you, and they chime in with an insult after weeks of silence, then they go back to their silence and wait for another chance.

Some people need to get over themselves, and their grudges and their anger, whether at the tables or on the forums or anywhere online. Anyone can get angry at some point, but no need to let it drag forever.

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Yeah, but I don’t want them to get over it.

A couple of them had me laughing so hard the other night that my dog got up and came over to see what’s so funny. Tonight, one of them said, “I have notes on him… bluffed his way to the top, no skill.”

As far as I’m concerned, that’s the best note someone can have on me! Hahaha.


Well, when you put it that way…:smile: