Its just too dispiriting. No matter what I try I still get beaten all the time!
Maybee i’ts not the game for me.
Knowledge, patience. a bit off luck.
Others may win ,I do not.
Just not fun anymore.
Good luck to those who have befriended me .
Cheers Okiato.

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considering this and your previous thread, i see lots of ! signs and lots of caps lock, so i think you are tilted because of your bad beats.
so if i can give you one last advise, try to not stop playing poker but just take a break until you want to play again and have your fun back. if you take a break and find out you still don’t like it anymore, then stopping is probably the right idea, but just give it some time first.
i have had similar downswings here too twice that lasted more then a month. but the thing is, if it was just the downswing, i would have lost a lot but i would have more then enough to build it back soon, but instead i tilted and raped my BRM, resulting in losing almost my whole roll of 140M the first time and 55M the second time.
but both times i came back to my A game after making a break until i had my fire back.
i hope the same thing helps for you.

good luck, yiazmat.


Here’s another piece of advice: He who goes all in with nothing almost always wins the pot.
So why not try this trick and see how it goes?

here is a good definition of losing. hand number 391767837


Been there, done THAT VERY THING! lol Thanks for sharing.


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I’ve been on a downswing myself recently. Last night I played at a ring game table for over an hour and didn’t win a single hand. I woke up this morning and realized that maybe I just need a break from playing. There’s a saying that goes “Too much of something can be a bad thing.” and the same can be applied for Poker. Especially if your playing everyday like I do, mental fatigue is bound to set in eventually.

So I’m going to take a couple of days off from playing and watch some Poker videos online to help rebuild confidence and that’s my advice to you and anyone else who may be in a similar situation. Simply take a break and when you feel ready to play again your confidence should be back up and should be able to play good poker again!

I hope my advice is helpful.



lol, don’t forget to add always fold your pocket aces and royal flushes, they are pure evil :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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well said :+1:


There’s 5 factors Ive learned after playing for more than 10 years.

  1. Math
  2. strategy
  3. timing
  4. logic
  5. patience

I won’t share all my secrets but if kind find a balance of all 5 factors you will win. Of course we all get bad beats, it happens. I finish a lot in top 9, so I know it works. Try playing free rolls and lean on patience, cus a lot of idiots play loose in them, but when you get good pockets play them hard. If you win a big pot, lay back and wait for another decent pockets. Use logic now. By this time you have a good read on what the players will do. Now focus on the math, the odds this person actually has a hand. You may have to fold decent pockets, but hand you played previously that won will keep your stack high. Watch out if you have bottom pairs sets, flushes and boats. Those can kill you easily, if your opponent has the higher pairs, sets, flushes and boats. Also if the game has re-buys, you can wait to make a move after re-buys end. Most peeps play really loose on re-buy games. And lastly, always remember everyone is battling each other. Let them knock each other out and find a seat at final table. Good luck, even though I don’t believe luck is involved… justa nice thing to say LOL


Good advice here, and thank you for sharing this wisdom born of experience!


Hey all a couple of examples of my luck
Played within a few minutes of each other!




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Oh man, those scenarios have happened to me, too! I try to remember, next time, to look for the “out.” Both hands clearly stronger possible outcomes, but how very, very hard to fold the hands you had! Deep sympathy, my friend–or rather true empathy!


it’s true there are some nasty coolers in these hands, but before they happened i saw lots of mistakes in them, and fixing them will not only increase your winrate a lot, but also decreases your bad beats/coolers a lot.

the number 1 mistake here is that you (and your opponents as well) call way too much.

in the first hand you decided to call J8o in the HJ, first of all, the HJ is a decent position, but still not even close to enough to play a bad hand like J8o. J8 will rarely win especcialy multi way, even if you hit your J or 8, there will often be an overcard to your pair. even if there isn’t, because you play multi way it’s almost sure someone else will have at least a better kicker, maybe even 2pair or better because there are just too many opponents. on the flop there is a half pot bet and 2 callers before you act, you get a decent price to chase your gutshot but it’s still a speculative situation because you have decent implied odds but not great, and even if you hit, there are also reverse implied odds because there are 2 possible better straights out there, but i think 8% to hit is still to low. turn is played fine of course.

the second hand is played a little better then the first but it seems like you just applied the same calling strategy which just accidently fits better this hand then before. this is a hand that i would limp preflop, usually i am not a big fan of all this limping, but when you catch a drawing hand on a limping happy table, i just blend in and do the same, no one notices anyway i got a drawing hand since everyone limps anyway. if you don’t hit it’s an easy fold and if you do you might pick up a big pot. i think you played the flop fine. you clearly have a good hand but still a very dangerous situation with your bad kicker, trips are fun, but multi way you defenitely need a good kicker. if you made the half pot bet to thin out the table and win information if there is a better hand out there by not iinvesting too much you did really well, but if it was only as a valuebet then try considering the probablity of a better hand as well. on the turn i actually like your sandwiching strategy, because i would want a pot as big as possible here, the only thing i would change is not calling in the end but keep raising. the only things that could beat you here are Q7 and QQ. usually i wouldn’t even add the QQ in his range because he should have raised preflop. so you are almost sure here you’re best.

long story short: the most important strategy for you, try playing way less hands preflop. and when you play them, play them aggressively (about 3 BB’s +1 for each limper will do). and with less hands i mean stick to big aces and medium/big pairs. you could play good broadway cards as well, but when they are too specalutive play em only IP. you could still limp suited connectors and small pairs.
when you are making profits by doing this, you could decide adding more specalutive hands into your game when IP. (but with specalutive hands i still mean hands that are much better then J8o) (only add this when you build a solid thought process behind it)
preflop i would advise to get as close as possible to a 22VPIP/18PFR range.

hope this helps,


Well, this helps me! Thanks so much (again!).


Thanks for that advice, I rarely get big pairs or even good high cards these days, usually like J8.Q2 A3 &lots of low cards.
I guess Ishould have more patience but after 5or6 folds I hava a go at something likeJ8.

My percentage is nowhere near what it used to be &others at a table usually seem to have better cards.

For example at a 9 table most will have won more than once before I do

Iam not moaning about this but to play enjoyable poker one has to be dealt good cards reasonably often .

I am not playing so much now & being more selective in calling, seems to be better .

Cheers Geoff.



The deal is always equally random for everyone.

How that deal gets played isn’t. What skill there is in playing poker rests entirely in watching how the other players are betting (are they careful or reckless, what’s their style) and watching the changing potential of other player’s hands and yours as more cards are laid down.

You may feel confident with pocket KKs but then four diamonds show up for a potential flush or there’s a possible straight working up making those KKs worthless. If a previously careful player suddenly raises even a small amount that could be a warning sign. OTOH, your crappy two pair might suddenly morph into a full house so stay open to possibilities but not recklessly so.

My point is that every poker hand will be constantly in flux and you have to be able to adapt to that changing environment with each new card laid down. Maintain your situational awareness throughout the entire deal.

Selective calling is essential, good.


yw :slight_smile:

i understand patience can be a difficult part, but even while it’s hard i would still advise you to wait for those good hands. it might seem like less fun to wait for teh hands all the time, but when you do pick up a hand and win nice pots with it i think you will enjoy more then when you would play more hands but lose much more as well.

actually 5 or 6 folds on a 9 handed table isn’t really a big sample actually, it’s more or less what you should expect when playing 9h. if you have to fold for 2-3 orbits you are folding a lot, but 5-6 hands is quite normal there. some thought that might help you is to remember you don’t need much hands to make profit, escpeccialy not on a limping happy table. lets say for example you pich up 1 good hand and there are 5 limpers (and the blinds of course) now you make a well sized raise and all you get is that everyone folds. now you’re probably dissapointed because your good hand haven’t payed off very well. but consider you just got 6,5BB. meaning you could fold for 36 hands straight and still hold some profit. and you will almost always pick up on another strong hand much sooner then that. in other words, even waiting for small pots might get you some nice profits, and considering you might pick up big pots that way as well increases your wins even more.

if you really insist on playing more hands then try playing 6h poker instead (or even less if it still bores you)

kinda true, but no one actually always picks up strong hands often. it’s more like minimise your losses when you don’t (usually with folding). and maximise your profits when you do. even if you lose for an incredibly long time, but all you did is fold, then all it takes is just 1 good hand with a decent pot to get it all back and probably more.

honestly, there are defenitely situations where calling is the way to go. but it’s usually the least attractive option if you wanna win. even if it seems better, watch the hands you posted here, it’s one of the many kinds of proof what could (and will) happen if you call too much.

good luck.

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this losing no matter what type of hand I hit or I play a hand is getting be BS. I guess they like losing players. I am done.

Well here I am back again!
I have taken advice from others , now I have no chips!
I have been patience but still loosing!
I have decided that poker is not for me.
There is some cosmic influence that decrees that " thou shall not win"
I’ts been like it all my life!
Sounds like a poor me but I do O.K. With my work
Anyway will still my 2500 when I log in for fun
I suppose in life there must be winners & loosers. unfortunatley I;m one off the latter.
PLEASE dont reply to this as your good intentions dont make a difference.

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