What is acceptable? (Or not acceptable)

I have had 3 (three) posts deleted from Off Topic…all referenced a political figure. So at this point I know not to mention him/her.

What else is taboo?

Because finding out thru having posts deleted is time consuming.

(And irritating in that the site says I can post about anything)

In my country - Russia , they will not delete anything , cod we have freedom of speech.

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In my country moderators delete post if its something make fight between religion, race, nation or terror.

We have freedom of speech , we can post anything and about politics and can laughing at them and no body touch as. Also we are using any words we want. We can swear as well.

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Well, around here we hafta be “nice”…this is a “safe zone” so nobody gets offended or upset.


Only some of us have to be nice… Others are allowed to be rude or authoritarian at the tables with no consequence.


We also have freedom of speech I say way too much on replay where you do not have freedom of speech they punish u by 0 wins and when the chips are gone that is the end of you on replay poker and I would image there sisters sites Poker stars and wsop poker host are the same I asked a while back how they got rid of players and this past week I figured it out What a shame when I have so much fun on the site I never swear made lots of friends and say what I think never nasty just say to much and that is why they do not like me What would happen if I purchased CHIPS I WOULD Loose them also no point in that what a shame sammymorgan

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Are you friggen kidding me . This is the message I got when I tried to comment to you . Sorry sammy I tried.

Wait a minute - this sounds like body shaming to me. Someone get a cop or the key to our safe space. Oh, the humanity! Won’t anyone think of the children? :slight_smile:

I cant help it - censorship and all versions thereof make me snarky.

Added: In all honesty, a friend was harassed today and I hope RP is addressing it. Banter is cool, even if a bit off color. Harassment is not ok. Let’s see.

Of course there was a ton of political banter on a game earlier with a rep on it but since the rep obviously agreed with the moronic platitudes being espoused, it went on unchallenged. Here’s a tip people - same rules have to apply to everyone or its a farce.


Censored ??? …unreal…

Yup , crazy… will have to use a thesaurus to change my wording next time :roll_eyes:

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Well, that is just not right…

I thought you all were big freedom of speech guys…

I think everyone just wants FAIR, EQUAL treatment, right?–whatever the rules.

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Well, sure, as long as no one is offended…

Then that is not freedom of speech.

Nowadays you can’t say 1 word without someone being offended…

To PC this world !!!

True… like the word " idiot "