Courtesy, Deportment, etc

Its strange to me… seeing all the discussion about Chat, Muting, Moderators, etc. because of my Dad.
When he taught me to play @ 4 years old, he said,

"Always be polite. Beat them on the table: that’s where it counts in poker.

My question is:

What do you like from other players?

What is really great table deportment?

What would you like to hear/see more of at your game tables?

Good advice from your Dad. It doesn’t hurt to be polite, appreciate good play, acknowledge good hands and generally just enjoy the game. It IS for fun after all.

I generally agree with that, I try to be polite courteous at all times, but occasionally you get a person that however nice to them you are they are extremely rude and ignorant. I have tried to ignore them in the past, but when i suffer their abuses over 15 minutes or more. I usually let them have it verbally. Now I’m not proud or saying that this is right, but I i can’t seem to stop my self from doing this when i run into a real abusive / disrespectful person. I am working on this issue but at the same time will not back down to somebody causing me a problem when i am trying to play a friendly game of poker. i know that nothing i say here justifies my way of thinking and that in some tournament i could have my chat blocked or be banned from the sight. I’m just trying to give a little insight to this issue as everybody has their limits as to what they will tolerate. I also realize and am guilty of not doing it, that the person could be reported to the moderators. For that i apologize, That is another issue that i am working on. I will try to do better at getting along with all players and reporting issues when they happen.

The mute button is your friend. I only wish they would extend it to the spectators.

First and foremost let me apologize. I didn’t know that some players were aggravated by chat.
.’ It has never even crossed my mind. No one said anything, but I do not ever try to upset or distract players. I will try to limit my chat but have always enjoyed shooting the breeze about whatever with others. Some of my Replay friends I greet every time I see. I play a good bit and I enjoy. Activity around doesn’t bother me and I didn’t know that chat was being discussed in this way. I’ll limit myself from now on and be more aware. Thanks and lets all have fun!

That would be a great suggestion for Replay!!!

I have a tendency to be chatty and a cheerleader - have even been asked to come to a final table to cheer folks on… But some might hate it!!!

Yes, Let’s suggest it!!!

its part of some players game to upset you sou you will make a mistake,at a real casino they would be told to stop, or leave

i know this is a old topic…but my typeing skills suck so when i play i find it hard to keep up “conversation” so i try to keep to the standard gh.ty…but still occasionally some one will start ragging me simpley because i’m not responding to them and that usually ends in a unfreindly i say shut up and leav’em alone if thats what they want (this took me 8 minutes to type)

I’m glad they have the chat button for each player… I do use it sometimes for the very unpleasant folks!

Great question MickiFin, I love when you quote your Dad, he always has very smart things to say

I’m relatively new to playing poker I learned to play here six months ago so I’ve been evolving and trying to be more respectful of each person individually and not just the table.

  1. I love that there are people from all over the world playing, sometimes it’s hard for some to communicate with others but that’s okay, ty, nh and all of those are plenty :smiley: . I like to talk to everyone and I really like having a conversation especially if most of the table participates. If I am talking too much or becoming insulting to someone, I like that they don’t say anything and just mute me. I know I talk too much and I am sorry but I just love talking.

  2. Sometimes tension can rise at the tables, especially when some one is being insulting. I think it is a very strong skill to be able to be the better man and defuse the tension. I think it is super cool when someone being attacked takes one for the team and just say’s "Yeah you’re right I am being stupid sorry :smiley: ". That tends to shut the offender up and it doesn’t make the rest of the game sour for the whole table. because we came to have fun not to fight.

  3. I would like to hear people laughing and making jokes and in general having a good time

I Hope what I wrote makes sense lol

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Sure does make sense Pank - can’t argue with someone who agreses with ya!!