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I was “warned” for having the “confederate flag” in my profile picture. For one it was the rebel flag which was a flag of an infantry unit in the south during the civil war. This flag never represented the confederates it was simple a flag for one specific infantry unit. I will be putting it as my profile again. So ban me if so but maybe I can teach someone right from wrong.

Need change Susan and all her moderators, they are unfair. Always warning for nothing. Also I did report at Frizzymint to support people on forum who called me an " foreign broad". You can do the same , report at moderators by sending email on :
Have a good day and don’t be upsed.

I apologize for that…

I was just goofing on your not wanting a moderator in the chat room post.


I reported at Frizzymint because she comment to me not to you. I don’t like when staff treat me like that . I do support site and buy chips - I’m a costumer.

What about chat room without moderators - its because they come on table and we are all friend talking to each other as a joke “merde” ( ■■■■) and moderated tell us “shhhhhhh” . Who he is? We cannot talk to each other? Or other day we was table of friends and one moderator and I tell to my friends that I played with spdogod who is moderator , he was all in pre-flop every handand iI called him “donk” he is warned me. So, moderator on table tell me “shhhhhh” again. They are annoying. I don’t want to see them on chat. They have to work at reports.

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People when given a little authority sometimes tend to abuse it. Thats the whole reason I questioned the need for all the new player reps. I have ran across the same issue and I hate it. as soon as some reps show up then chat dries up or gets very bland. And yes… I have rescinded my self imposed forum ban. :grin:


I’ve seen some amazingly abusive language on Replay Poker–things that would get anyone kicked out of a private card room (and any other venue). A moderator free site would not have a mechanism for correcting this. Just want to say that some times it is better to have a little broom available…


If Player Reps are seeing how bad it can get by ready the chats this is a good thing. I guess this means the Reps are being groomed to become moderators, also a good idea. I hope at the very least they platoon some of you to be plain clothes with no ink and title. You couldn’t know but already the nature of the conversations change when a Rep enters a table.



I would say thats a decent idea. A bit of give and take on both sides. This would be a good compromise in my opinion. Chat does change.


Oooh, plain clothes sounds so cloak and dagger! I’m totally in! :wink:

But even if a mod/rep is on the table… most things not blatent, should get a warning 1st… I’m still Sassy with them around… sure its a bit more subdue’d but still…

table banter, is table banter … and boring is boring …


Let’s pit police at any table and be like in jail? Absurd at all make Player Reps moderators. FREEDOM FOR EVERY ONE.


Everyone knows I have never had an opinion on anything and even if I did, I probably wouldn’t say it :slight_smile: Still, the thought of having Beria’s secret NKVD informants on the site makes me actually sick to my stomach. There are very few things I would leave a good business over but this would be 1 of them.

Reserve the muting and such for the really hateful stuff, as had been suggested before. Let the customers police themselves for the most part. Maybe get a better response system to put a stop to abusive behavior quickly but all this talk about site police and speech moderation and such is a huge turn off. Most grown ups do not need or want to be treated like miscreants in detention hall.


I have had lots of great chats with players since donning the magenta font. Maybe there are people who are keeping quiet, but most tables I sit at offer up a lot of chat, mostly about poker. In spite of talking positively about cloak and dagger, I’d like to be on record as saying I’m with you, Warlock, on this: “Light and Air”–no secrets. Jan


I can’t imagine I conjured these thoughts; at least I hope I haven’t. But to add context, when Jan voiced, “I’ve seen some amazingly abusive language on Replay Poker–things that would get anyone kicked out of a private card room,” I guessed, maybe wrongly, that she had read the chat that the moderators read every day. More, I have the feeling most folks haven’t understood the scale involved. If there are 1800 people seated, it means there are between 250 and 300 tables in play.

I think the severe increase in volunteers is because as it stands now each one of those hundreds of tables needs to have a player who is willing to make a complaint. My call for getting help to watch these tables is based on the practicality of scale. The kind of “amazingly abusive language” that Jan is talking about will not take place at a table that has people writing in colored ink; the abusers will go elsewhere and abuse.


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Scratch - of course I took it to the extreme to make a point. I am totally on board with making sure people who are totally over the top are told to cut it out or muted. I have reported people for using racial epithets myself. No excuse for it. I also get that people tend to say things online that they would never dream of in person. However, are we really dealing with so many abusive people and so many players who cannot hit a “report player” button that we need a traffic cop on every corner?

Freedom is usually a messy affair but tends to be worth it. I would just hope that the player base here could do a lot of its own policing. After all, who better to set the standards for the community than the community themselves? I’m also amazed that even if someone was unable to stand up for themselves that no one at the table would step in and do so. I find that hard to believe but if true, more than a little sad. Maybe I’m just old fashioned this way?

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Greetings CSJ & my Replay Family,
I don’t think anyone here has any desire to interfere with your beliefs at all, whether political or religious. There’s some things I want to share with you and you to please try and take into consideration, in what may look like some sort of plight against you from your perspective.
First of all CSJ, the best I could tell from my preliminary searches you may have some ground here, technically. I’m sure with more research it will be easy to get to the bottom of.
Therein lies the real problem CSJ. From what I can tell, it can also easily be misunderstood & upsetting for lots of folks from what it appears to be. Then starts the unrealistic chore of obligating Replay Poker of having to explain to everyone headed down the same path over and over and over again, trying to explain your view points… So it’s really not born of any prejudicial persuasion of, or by Replay. I believe Replay simply does not want the masses to contend with trying to understand or someone having to explain to everyone & anyone who is offended. Replay is in the business of providing the greatest fun & most relaxing atmosphere possible to, first retain customer base, and second, to attract new clientele because of these very attributes.
Most people can understand the reasons and common sense reasoning and beliefs as to why it’s better for Replay Poker to not allow anything political or religious, real or perceived.
So I don’t think they want to ban you if you’ll just use a different less inflammatory picture and join us at the tables for a friendly game of poker. After all CSJ, isn’t that why we all gather here ? ? ? :sunglasses:
Note: This is my personal opinion and not related to any Replay policy or philosophy. Thanks, Walt

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I can say from being a former Player Rep that lost that volunteer title due to voicing my opinions in the community forums that some of the verbal abuse is unbelievable!!! Does Replay want Reps to be undercover ? NO. They want them to be visible 1, to let players know they are present so they can reach out a moments notice. 2 to be Ambassadors of good will and set the example of what good chat is at the tables. What in the hell is good chat and forum etiquette? I can see not using extreme profanity but to tell a person how to speak is a little over the top.

I disagreed with a Player in the forums snd got spanked hard for it ? I’m not a child.

I’ve always owned sites with Moderators and the number of them dependent onthe membership size.

The Administrator would oversee the Moderators actions on a case by case basis.

I say to many hands in the soup is upsetting the natural flow here. Make all the current Reps Moderators and let them travel the site with that title and let their natural instincts be their guide and let the Administrator tweak the policy . Do away with all future Reps, just Mods and for a site this size there should be approximately 20 Moderators or enough to cover all the time zones.

A little leeway in language and tone in the table chat and community forums would be nice.

My standard also is let the membership police their own site . After all without the membership you have no site.

Enough for now, it’s only 8 am est on a Sunday morning and time for more coffee.

Enjoy your day all and I will see you later.


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My opinion is IF the chat is really abusive REPORT it ofc. Personally what id most times is just be the grownup in the room and hit the BLISS Button MUTE is a wonderful thing!

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