Message 2 all mods :)

as all mods think i have somthing against them cant u say that u think ones the better then anyother just my opion i dont hate any mods just they hate me i only asked to be unmuted its not as if i have asked for anything else then 1 last chance what have i got to do 2 prove to u how ppl can change come on mods u r all equal just doing ur jobs its a game ,free and for playchips ,just wanna be unmuted but its like asking for gold please last chance and last try of asking ,marci just dont u write here i want all mods to have there say please

what is the worse that can happen? I think filthy chat makes the game what it poker is a dirty game. Talking trash is the best part of give the man a chance. He messes up just delete him simple. Freedom of speech.

i am not here to abuse any1 i am here 2 playpoker with friends and relax and enjoy ,poker is fun and free and its for playchips so lets play the game i have read the rules and i agree with them but i see no mods care to read this or put anything here

((((((((((((((I think mods read it once a week, aprox. Staff 3-4 day. me , happi ,sp, puni, read it more often if something serious, we contact each other.))))))

I dont understand it, you had a question and a answer from the team. Marcipan has already answered your question.

i rather hear from all mkods seperate its a free game and free site u know i have learned a leason form 1st time its been 7months now ok i see u hate me also happy but no probs here

well least i know all mods hate me but its a free site free chips so un real and harsh here a lot of ppl on here abuse and swear and they dont get muted or banned so what ever i dont care know more as all mods hate me

please can i have myself unmuted on a deal if i abuse this u can banned me for life again i am asking for last chance here this is for all mods to read and discuss between them ,i dont ask for much please and many thanks my leassons have been learned as i been muted for about 6months now only 1 chance i ask for :slight_smile: i have read chat rules and very happy to play by them also

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want my chat back please pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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will you give ballack his chat back please

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bALLACK, NOT SURE WHAT YOU SAID, BUT, IF YOU WERE RECKLESS ENOUGH TO trash someone over a free site, as you say, then not only should you not be allowed to chat, you shouldnt be allowed to play…Enjoy what you still have, this site is top notch…You and P-Roid enjoy the silence, who knows, you might actually learn how to play…

masner u make me laugh i beat u here anytime hahahahah

to all moderators please could someone tell me why i have been muted i have done nothing wrong i never use fool words never argue with anyone but still im muted is it because im married to ballack

cuss as i type i will b next this site is fun but a joke

Julie, tell me your username on ReplayPoker and I’ll do my best to find out why you were muted.