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please can i have myself unmuted on a deal if i abuse this u can banned me for life again i am asking for last chance here this is for all mods to read and discuss between them ,i dont ask for much please and many thanks my leassons have been learned as i been muted for about 6months now only 1 chance i ask for :slight_smile: i have read chat rules and very happy to play by them also

Certanly I see progress from the previous " last-last chance". I afraid you lost most of the moderators trust.

one thing I can tell RP will make a smiley on chat ( I hope thets come true) and use thet in a right apropiate way ,may you can earn back the moderators trust.


yes but u need to have a vote with all mods not just 1 mod see what they all say for last chance u know :)0

theres 14 mods so put it to a vote with all of them and see what happens u have my word last chance its been 7 months so i think i have changed :slight_smile: so many ppl think i deserve a chance here i cant ask in guestbook as i am banned there also so this is open to any 1 please consider many thankss

hi marci well like i said in my comment down below i have learned many things over past 5-6years playing on this site and 1 thing is i know i pushed my luck before but ppl can change u know i only ask theres 14mods can u put it 2 avote for 1 last chance ,please,theres many players on here would vote for me to be unmuted but i would like u 2 put this vote 2 all mods i think ppl in life deseve a chance so i only ask now after 7months of being muted ,i hope by asking this will prove that i have changed many regards ballack:)

o well i must be most hated on this site thanxs for ur pm marci just other mods have it in for me i think its quite unfair theres so many different ppl on here that have done worse then me but there u go u mods have it ur way just happy to play best leave this alone for good i think ty for trying but all mods same i got noyhing against any of them just they hate me love to see the mods write here back 2 me theres 14 of u and tell the truth i am hated by so many of u

I heard about the life time chatban of ballack. I asked one of the moderators the following question. If I was treated like he was by ballack , would ballack have had a chatban as well?? I never got an answer. It s so overreacted to ban someone for life. The replay poker site is to play poker AND to get in touch with other people. He requested several times to have his ban stopped and promised better behaviour. I think it s time ( and I know more players think the same) that you reconsiderate this again. Wish you all wisdom and hope that i can talk to ballack again very soon.


i agree with dozier every one deserves a second chance in life but here u ask and u get nothing and told u get smilies i dont want smilies just unmuted all i ask

Thets a long storry, its not thet easy to explain to “outsiders” and including some personal staff. All I can tell you , mod-s speak about it ( aprox 500 comment!!!) We work on something to solve this unmute/ban forever isues, but we dont want to speak about it right now in public.

I agree with the mods, if u cant behave in the tabels why would you be able to chat ?? Just keep up the good work u all mods ar doing.

everythings a long story here u seem to be the only mod 2 comment havent the other mods got a tounge to comment there selfs thats all i ask for just not one voice please marci

ok i ask so many times to be unmuted on a last chance i been muted for 7months now please consider 2 unmute me please last chance ilike i said ppl can change let me prove that i have please any mods or friends please help me out here for 1 big last chance

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It s easy to accept that you have to maintain the rules. I can imagine that ballack broke these rules earlier. I also see ballcks concern about this side . He really cares for the side. see all his marks on other issues. I think that when he will be unmuted , ballack can help to make repaly e better and more honest pokersite. Take this in consideration.


We never ban without very good reasons.

Ballack aka Mad1972 Fockreplay and Ladyred is banned many times before, he is muted many times before, he had a lot of last changes. He even had a life ban. Many good players are left because all his insults.

With Ballack we gave him his 4th last chance, but his behavior was not acceptable again.

We want to make the site a nice place to relax and have fun for all players. Thats why we have rules. You cant break them over and over and say im changed and then you break the rules again over and over. We protect the players against bad behavior.

Abusive, foul, threatening or otherwise inapproppiate chat will not be tollerated. Insulting other players we do not allow. And do not harass or use profanity.

Its very easy to attack a moderator every time when you dont get what you want.

from a past great friend i cheer you well done turning ur back on me after all these years i like to thank you but i still think u r wrong players leave because of others also u cant just blame me so please i ignore this and all now

thanxs happy for ur life story but u were a great friend till u came a mod but o well nothing matters no more

but like i said when i came back as ballack i just got muted i didnt do anything but be nice never abuse on this account so i told u that i changed and i have this account i have not done anything wrong just got muted for no reason so i rest my case

i been on this site for nearly 6-7 years and u treat me like this 1 last chance as i have change i told u my word is on this i just wanna help make replay a better place

Why should u get so many chances ???

When other players get onley 2-3 chances ???

mr x if u were a mod i give u an answer to that as ur not i will not comment as i am asking mods not players so thanxs for u comment