What will be done here i wonder

ok here we go if this was me i be muted or banned i think hand number is 50909906Dieter777 : ■■■■ off idiot? You even didnt see the flop ■■■■■■■■■■■■ i think i would be muted for this this is what i mean every room u got somone like this

tis is a joke he gets muted for one day omg whats the world comming 2 hahahahha :slight_smile:

We dont give a permanent mute after the first infraction. You know that. Just remember how many warnings you had and how many times you was muted before you got your permanent mute.

i cant be bothered to answer u on thios old news happy as everytime i say somthing u bring that up,thats the old me undr old id give it a rest,ballack didnt get a chance to show u mods no stright mute as soon as u knew it was me ,why u bring past up all time figures me,like i say let it go i am not going to report any one no more its nt my job to do this so i will let ppl carry on and u can do u r job and catch them ur selfs there are enough mods to do this so i help no more kind regards ballack

Yes ballack did get a chance, i watched you , you failed over and over again.Remember you are lucky just to be on site,need i say more? And yes we do not need you to report players,we are a strong moderation team here on ReplayPoker.com.

Did Ballack ever threaten to take someones life? I think not, Don’t know the history but I would rather play with him then a lot of others on this site. BeneBelg got 2 days of muting for saying he would kill me??? Was this his first infraction? Hard to believe it was. Do you play favorites?

thanks joey wish lot more ppl like u would stick up for me many thanxs m8

its only a game with fake chips cant be bothered to listen to all this old news its the past let it go,but being muted is not bad as in real poker u dont see the chatting anyway,u just do a fine job and u may get ur replay t-shirt or cap for ur rewards well done keep up the good work just thought i was being helpfull as .thats why i posted it on here as i am muted sorry to have troubled u all

i think ballack should permitted to speak during every game…he is funny as hell and i enjoy his wit…please oblige me…thank you

thanxs mink but it will never happen as mods hate me i think is the word i should use m8

No ballack, you reported ti first to me in my guestbook, with popmusic account. After i took action you wrote this in support.

no i put it here and julie was on here account i swear u can ask her

ask popmusic(julie)she was playing medium with u i had already put it here.then after that i asked if u or any mod was on then she spoke to u in the medium room u try to makle me look so bad once again wish u grow up being like this thats why i took u of me friends list so deal with it please

spgodog u will get ur replay tshirt for being top mods whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lovesssssssssssss u

Player ballack was rude and disrespectful to happiness,so his comments are removed.

spgodog get a grip in ur life and get a job its a fake site and once again u took another account from me well well get a grip ur so hard on the internet ,u make me laugh u r like a kid whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Joey@ no favoritism.

I try explain how this work. We got a guidline to work by, ( first infaction just a warning) He got two days mute , first infraction, but got thet 2 day becouse too harsh.

To me its looks good. You see most user dont know how to behave on the internet, they dont know they may moderated by the site. This penalty hopefuly wake hem up. And the main point keep players on the site, but if I ban all users who start like thet… pfff … would not much left in 2-3 days… thets sure.

so what were his comments that were disrespecfull to happiness

minks I played quite bit with you sometime back with another moniker. You are polite and friendly and generally fun at the table as it should be. Being witty is always a plus, but being obnoxious with foul language is not fun and annoying to most. I do play at live table with a master of four letter words, but he has built an understanding he is kidding and it is a shtick to throw you off you game. However, that is select company. I suggest RP allow Sit n Go’s where all that play are not muted. pummelr and Ballack can have at it.

I think this whole mutebusiness of ballack has get out of hand. Too many people are involved in what happened here and I think it hasn t done any good to Replay. As Dozier5 and Dozier15 I play here for some years and has seen lots of abusive language. Most of the times I left the table and played on another one. Per haps its an idea for Replay to have the Chatrules on the Homepage of Replay so that every player can take notice of the rules. I still think it is very harsh to have someone banned for life but that s only my opinion.