I know it is there for a reason, but there is people who aren’t so easily offended… Could there be option to disable it? There is lots of words that i don’t even know how they’re offensive like flip? And u can of course easily override it but addin extra letter for word or replace one letter with number. I totally understand that no one wants flaming wars in chat, but i don’t seriously care about cursing or anything like. Thx for hearing me out :).

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We could add an option in your settings to turn off the filter? How about that? We also plan to go through the list of filtered words and remove some, as I think most would agree that right now it’s a bit over-zealous!

Yes, option to remove filter was exactly my point :), thx Paul

Added to the to-do list separi, not sure how long it’ll take to get implemented but it’s now on the list :slight_smile:

Ok, this has gone too far!

Rather than reducing the somewhat draconian restrictions, it seems that the range has been increased!

Apparently I am no longer allowed to say the words “common complaint”?

Ok RP, you’ve had your chance, I’ve tried to participate in forums, I’m a regular player and so on. This is just stupid. The fact is that there are a number of things that are a “common complaint”. There is absolutely no reason, no justification at all for banning that combination of words.

“Proof?” you desperately cry, “where is your proof?” you ask despairingly!


Conversation starts there and continues over several hands.

Please tell me exactly how you can justify me or anybody else being unable to state that something is a common complaint.

As I said in the conversation, I am joining the long list of players going elsewhere. You really need to do something, a lot of things, very quickly, to stop me and my friends using our influence to encourage others to depart.

Dear Paul (@MrReplay) , good luck! I admire your resolution in captaining a sinking ship!


Edited to add:
I just joined a microstake table at random, there are no friends there, there is no possibility of collusion.

My very first words were “It’s a common complaint”


Yes, censorship is very much alive and well


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I’m totally onboard with the option to remove filter.


Thanks @NicUrChips, it’s obviously an option that I would support. Given that it was put on the “to do” list some 7 years ago, I have no particular hope or anticipation that it will be implemented.

Do you think it is right that “common complaint” should be a censored thing?

I don’t think that players should be compelled to turn off the filter to hear something so innocuous. Do you have a different opinion?

We are still waiting on @MrReplay


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We absolutely have some strangely-filtered words, and our tech team isn’t quite sure why! This example is a new one to us, but some of the ones that have come up in the past are “achieved,” “covered,” and “freelance video.” None of these are on our list of words to filter, and they haven’t been done so intentionally. When our team has more time, we’ll dig into this more. Feel free to write support@replaypoker.com if you notice any other odd ones, and we’ll add them to the list.

I’m going to close this thread because it’s pretty ancient, and the team opted not to have a filter toggle. Please get in touch with support if you have further concerns about any unusual words getting filtered.