Velocidad - Speed

a veces va tan rápido la presentación de las cartas del final de la mano que no da tiempo a verlas
Podrían alargar unos segundos más ésto

Sometimes the presentation of the cards at the end of the hand goes so fast that there is no time to see them
Could you extend this a few more seconds?


Another second or two certainly will not hurt. I agree, sometimes it disappears before you see what everyone actually has and have to rely on the Chat box to see who won.


I don’t know if this helps, but what I do if I want to see what was shown is use the replay button.

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Agree just a couple seconds at hand conclusion would be helpful. As mentioned if you have time replay the hand but that won’t happened unless you busted out of game.


Showdown can definitely be too fast sometimes - with little chance to see results. I think its a result of the RP system working poorly or barely adequately, and lag issues etc. Showdown time displayed and “play” in general on this site is so hit and miss.

At showdown hands should be displayed straight away, but frequently that doesn’t happen and showdown feels laggy, slow, cluncky and extremely inconsistent.

For me the issue is the system and processes are just not running & operating smoothly and consistently.

I think RP has tried tweaking things to try and improve player experience, but has never really managed to get the site running smoothly or consistently.

I have seen a lot of improvements as well but yes there is much room for improvement which I’m sure they will be doing. gl at the tables

@BeerEagle69 & @Litenin

I feel like showdown is sometimes good, adequate and long enough.

Adding more time will waste more time every single hand which I don’t think is always necessary.

Player have complained many times about NO SHOWDOWN previously, which I think is still occasionally an issue. Adding more time will not fix that issues.

Adding 1 or 2 extra seconds might be ok, but its definitely not a gimme decision to make for RP.

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@DogsOfWar , you are probably correct and is only an issue, for me if playing 2 -3 MTT’s simultaneously really. GL at the tables !