Who is winner?

the winning hands are flashed to fast-they need to be slowed way down so opponents betting styles can be assessed -now you can not even see what the winning hand is-do the developers ever play???how much more do you need???NOT KNOWING THE WINNING HAND REALLY SUCKS ---- I AM SHOUTING!!!

Mrastro, you did a great job of summing about the options available if you miss the action at the table. Nothing really more to add! :slight_smile:

to paul gould-Mrastro’s reply may be factual but it still doesn’t solve my problem-- solution–clearly display the winning hand if it is a show down–chat box is not always clear–replay is too tedious and is still not clear at the end&please no more unhelpfull patronising remarks from Mrastro.IF"there’s a couple different ways to find and look at…or study…" other than previously stated it certainly is NOT clear! ALSO what is MUCK

Had more questions about muck and how to show the cards instead of muck, hope this helps.

If a player not show his cards he mucks.

On the table you have the button / box “Auto Muck Hands” , if it is ticked you not show your cards (if you have the choose show or not show)

When a player makes a big bet, (he unticked the button auto muck hands) and every player fold, he get the buttons “MUCK” and “SHOW” , than he can show or not show. If he mucks, you never know what was the winning hand, you have to pay (call) to see it.

Also there was a good idea to show the winning hand info in the chatbox in bold or other color. Think that makes it more clear, when the cards are gone you can read back in the chatbox.


Sometimes the cards are gone in a few sec after show down. The easiest way to see the previous hand back. Click on “Replay Previous” on the table (topleft), the previous hand opens on a new tab in your browser.

winning hand results flash too quickly to read &dont tell me I can read it in the data box or do replay because it doesnt appear sometimes or chat moves it off the screen&dont tell me to do replay that takes too long&sometimes loses your game

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Ye that would be very helpfull, a bold text in the chatbox statein the winnin hand.

I think the winning cards should brighten up(or contur of the cards color change). This would help lear poker for biginners , slow players, or even who play multi rooms. Also help on Omaha rooms. Also , your own total cards. Say your own in green, the winning in red, if you are the winner, then only red.

Most people is visual tipe, they see pic or colors much better then texts or highligted/bold text… The brain process is faster.

Sounds like a good idea marcipan.

Today we updated the game tables to display the winner bolded in the chat along with the winning hand.

first of all…breathe…calm yourself down…no need to shout, now i would assume as a poker player when you play each hand and as you bet on each hand you are aware of what you could be up against ( what better hand could beat you) on that assumption it shouldn’t take but a glance to see that…but all of us are different and obviously that’s not working for you…have you ever noticed the chat box, well its not just for chat, they also keep a running notice on whats dealt and what and who won each hand…and should it speed right by you then you could scroll up and read it at your leisure…or …now here’s the kicker, get ready…you could always replay the hand…yes …it’s not called REPLAY POKER for nothing you actually can…and there’s a couple different ways to find and look at…or study any hand in question… happy to help, mrastro