Slow System Tonight

Anyone else experiencing problems with the system being slow tonight? I just played an MTT and just gave up after a while. Nearly my entire clock was being eaten up on many hands without so much as the ability to have ANY option. There was so much lag that I couldn’t see what was going on and then my clock is ringing to make a move. I tried to bet several times and was forced to fold good hands. Not only is this irritating for me, but for my opponents. There didn’t seem to be much of a problem with anyone else. No known issues on my computer, site works fine nearly all the time, only game window and tournament lobby window open on screen. Perhaps I should have disconnected and then reconnected? I don’t mean to really sound like a whiner, but this has an impact in MTT’s for sure.

Seems better now. A little lag, but not as much. Had signed out and back in.

shutting down and back on is my first action when this problem shows its ugly head…usually works

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I find closing out the lobby also helps. The frequent updating takes up a lot of cached memory, and will often slow down my other browser windows and applications.

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I had so many issues Year back that I also put the Dashboard lobby to the promotions page to stop the updating there. Still do.

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Yeah, I can see that. I’ll close it down if it gets slow and then re-open it. I like to have it open to monitor during MTT’s, though! But will close if slow and try to re-open sporadically. Thanks.

Does minimizing all other windows do the same or do they need to actually be closed?
It doesn’t seem like anything would update when it’s minimized but I’d like to know as I’ve experienced a lot of lag too.

Things have been running slow for me too, but it’s not on my end. It often takes a few seconds for the winner’s chips to get to his stack, and a few more after that for the next hand to deal. These things didn’t happen before, and they affect the whole table, so it’s not one person’t computer.

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YMMV, but in my experience you need to actually close the window with the RP lobby.

That’s easy enough to try, I’ll report back if I notice a difference…thanks!

I think it may be a combination of both…when I’ve asked in chat I’ve had other players say they aren’t seeing lag and times when everyone is.
It doesn’t bother me much until it’s so bad that I time out even when I immediately make my selection.
I should add I play on a custom built PC built for video post production directly connected to a router via cat 6 with 50mbps service.

It is frustrating to say the least to keep getting disconnected and reconnecting.

Late response, but I’ll add my 2¢. I usually park my non-table window on the “statistics” page and things work alright. As noted above, the dashboard and lobby pages are pretty intense, using a lot of the available bandwidth between you and the server (plus they tend to melt my pitiful netbook’s CPU :confounded:).


Some people say they close out everything but the table window. I personally would not like to do that. The Promotions page was suggested and I sometimes find works a little better, but the Statistics page may not be a bad idea either. The other day I was dealt AcKc and tried to bet, but the lag folded me out on the clock. I would have flopped a nut flush. That one was a stinger. It occured in an MTT and could have really used a nice pot at the time.

I have finally learned to open tables with Slimjet…I can then stream music or open whatever resource hogs I want without interruption or even slowing down.
The only drawback is Slimjet won’t replay/save a hand but if there is a hand I want to replay I copy/paste the hand # in a word doc to check out later.

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@lad44 ,
I used to park, and still do on stats page, but an even better park is the forum . Since it doesn’t update things like your bankroll, or your friends playing… just people adding replies or posting topics, are far less often than other things still updated on even the stats page.


Good idea! Thanks!

This is actually a better idea than you might think.

I was in the midst of circumventing the Draconian restrictions on whatever public wifi I was on the time and discovered that the forum is hosted at Discourse (run a tracert on the forum domain or IP address if you know how).

As such, the forum does not drain bandwidth between you and the server. The only thing that should be required is an initial handshake between Replay & Discourse to get your profile, etc.

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