Connection issues

Are you facing issues today ? It’s not playable !


I sit now 70 minutes on a frozen table, nothing happens. On other tables i can play, but sometimes it gets very slow. New problems after the big update.

Lobby says after refresh the player has 398 chips on table, and on table has the player 16,829. To win so many on a 1/2 table needs very long time. Looks like Lobby is frozen too. On my table happend now 2:15 hours nothing. All frozen.


It’s really concerning. A pain…

7 free seats on table, and many wait to get one:


Table shows no free seat and all is frozen there:

Hand Replayer is broken & FOREVER Loading… doesnt display pot size or players at the table either.

Profile wont update hands played… been playing for over an hour and only 1 hand was updated to profile…

AND…the MISSIONS are not functioning.

This was posted in the Scheduled Maintenance topic :


Why have you not cancelled all tournaments considering the problems that are being had. There are still people registering who have no idea what is happening. I even tried to email a mod. But no reply

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Anche a me le missioni non funzionano

The quests aren’t working for me either

what’s going on

Terrible and to think tomorrow maintenance lol

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today was maint

we all should get a million dollars worth of chips f or putting up with this crap for over a year!

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Or at least a case of beers. Would satisfy me.

Its a mess at the moment (UK) no slide bar on stakes raising, waiting number for all tables 42 / 43 crazy outage.
will this affect my daily update and bonus??


No it won’t effect it. Everything will be straightened out.

Well my friends asked me to play the Royal game and this is the table we were sent to after register with chips. All of us.

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