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I may be in the wrong here since I haven’t played anything in a month. (Last I played was Christmas Day…and now I’ve come back and played 5 250K+ MTTs overnight…Jan 24 into Jan 25 morning.) None of the tournament lobbies would update for me in real time unless there was a bustout. I don’t know if this has to do with fixing the correct rankings to account for players that bust prior to late registration ending as I believe fizzymint had mentioned in a updates post. If I refresh the lobby, it’s up-to-date, but that is somewhat annoying to have to manually do that when it used to be automatic. Prior to this, the lobby would update after any hand on any table is completed…in other words it updated itself all the time in real time. This comes in handy when you’re trying to see how many short stacks there might be as the money bubble approaches and yet the bubble isn’t all encompassed on just the last lone final table.

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Have you tried cleaning up your “ C “ drive ? Do a defrag and cleaning up your browsers cache ? I used to have the same real time update problems.

I’ll admit that in the past…I’ve had an occasional lobby “hang.” But once I refresh it, it works the rest of the time. The fact that all five lobbies today on my laptop were not moving on me until there was a new entry or a bustout (or I refreshed myself) and ditto with a sixth lobby I’m currently observing from a different PC makes me think that there is an actual bug or a wrinkle in the system after Replay has attempted to fix the minor error in rankings issue (that being when a person is first to bust out as in, say, 12th out of 12 prior to the end of late registration and then eventually that person still winds up being shown in “12th” among 34 players when concluded.)

Laptop was defragged and cleaned and scanned before I played tonight.

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Sounds like an issue for support then.

Seems to be working properly again. Maybe it was just a one day thing for me or support has patched the problem quickly as the pros they are. Thanks for your time throughout, Craig!

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My pleasure, glad to help :+1:t2: