Hey guys. This is my first time creating a topic, as i only started playing poker on this site a few days ago. my problem is that im experiencing a lot of lag sometimes. Sometimes my game works fine but sometimes it starts lagging pretty bad. Its not so bad that it really affects my gameplay but its still kind of annoying. Is there anyone who knows how to fix it? btw: my pc is not the problem; it might not be very good but it can run some fps shooters and such so i think it should be able to handle poker :grin:

I try to help, lots of topic on that

Lets narow down the problem.
Whats your OS?
Internet is wired or wireless?
Updated your flash player?
What browser?
Whats PC specs?
When the lag accour? (MTT? How much player play on the site?)
Do you play movie or something else in the background?
Did you run virus check?

os: windows 7
wired internet
ill update it regularly
google chrome
idk lol
i havent seen any patterns to when it occurs
i play music in the background
i cleaned my pc from all malware 2 weeks ago

thanks for helping!

Chrome update the adobe acrobat auto. You can do a check and update manually at Adobe
(recently I got a problem too, the solution was re-install chrome) (my gf just remined me, lol)

Can you please make a speedtest and post result, upload/download/ping

If nothing else then music, then should fine.

Can you please keep eye on player number when you are in play? I mean every 30 min or so. If you play at peak time, may the game slow down for you.

Not to long free upgrade from win7 to win10 from microsoft. Win7 soon be no t recieve updates.

Ok here it is. I lag so bad at times I can’t even log out. Yup, basically a freeze. Tables are usually ok but if I’m here too long lobby is froze. Even when I try to close the page on IE (far upper right) it won’t shut down. I have to close it with power button. Only happens on this site.
I clear all caches every day. I even clear the ipconfig. No viruses according to 2 programs. Latest flash updates. Windows 7 with IE 11. Don’t know why only this site. Spend as long or longer sessions on other sites.

Did you try update acrobat flash update?
Any chance you willing install and try chrome?
For some, close lobby page help , go to like dashboard instead. Lobby refresh could couses slow down.