Things to improve

I have recently created an account here. I’m actully very disappointed with this software. Here are my complaints:

  1. Lack of time bank. I can understand that you want to keep the game fast. But if a player has 10 seconds in a tournament for a decision, he should also have 30 seconds timebank or maybe even more. A player can make a decision after 7 seconds, and then he has to quickly type bet amount (he can’t scroll) and if he wont, he misses a hand.
  2. Antes should go in the middle, not stay in front of the player.
  3. Lack of 4 coloured deck. Some players like 4 coloured decks, especially when playing omaha on more than 1 table.
  4. Can’t scroll my bet sizes. I don’t know if this is the issue with my browser, but I should be able to scroll it.
  5. Can’t instantly see mucked hands. I have to go, watch the replay (can’t even choose speed of replay) and then wait to see mucked hand.
  6. Amount of chips that I need to call should be displayed inside calling button, not above with somewhat small letters.
  7. If you want to fold a hand, but you can check instead, it would be nice to give some info, just to make life easier.
  8. If you are moved to the other table and I click back button in my mouse, I’m going to lose hand.
  9. The pot is for example 2000. I bet 1000, sb reraises to 4000. It would be helpful to have the total amount of chips displayed in the middle, but instead I have to add it in my mind.

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So you don’t have to add up, the pot size is always displayed.

Agree with most of these things, i also feel like you should be able to click through replays rather than wait for them. What i mean by this is that if you made a bad turn play and you want to analyse it you’re going to have a bad time because you can’t pause it. Making it so you can just click once to see the next action (fold/check/call/raise/flop/turn/river/etc) would be better imo. Right now you can right click anywhere in the replay screen to pause it but that’s not really a solution.

First time i watched a replay i was so dissapointed by the “rotate seats” buttons in the top right corner because the hand didn’t go back/forward one action, which is what i expected


Hey orange!

Thanks for your feedback. We really, really do appreciate it. The good news is, some of the fine folks from our community have stepped to help solve some of the problems. =)

The other good news is, we’re actively working on improving our hardware and software architecture to address some of those concerns – we agree, it needs work, and we’d also really like to make sure our mobile friends can play without hassle.

We’d absolutely love to hear more feedback as you think of it! I’ll be passing this on to the team. =)

1, you could choose 20 sec tables. I think time bank will added when HTML5 ready. (This time set up requested by players anyway)
2, Again, with HTML5, RP more able upgrade the table futures.
3, Set up here

4, Try chrome
5, dont get that one.
6-8, As mentioned above, table will be more easy with HTML5
9, Qu4l0 cover that one already.

Some things is cant be done in a day, in the past 5 year, lots of things added. I’m sure, its will evolve.