Tourneys are a joke!

Getting so tired of playing tourneys for the same players to keep on winning. I have losted so many points playing for nothing in the last week. Game is so unfair here. There is no way the same players win hand after hand like they do. Oh well glad its fake chips.

Sorry to hear of your frustration. Are you speaking of SnG tourneys or MTT? When I first started I had trouble with MTT so I switched back and forth sometimes I do well, others, well I share your frustration. Truth is there really is a different strategy to win at MTT as opposed to SnG and again with Ring Games. The key is chip management and I found that calling all bets is usually the worst thing to do. I fold a majority of the time but I think its the luck of the draw, be it a “live” dealer or online. Keep on keeping on you will win.

Good luck at the tables

Seems like I get good cards than the dealer flops, but when I get bad cards than they hit. I don’t play bingo, I don’t play slop hands and I cant win for nothing. Very frustrating but good thing is not costing no money so that’s a plus !