Thanksgiving SNG Madness league table manipulation

I know this topic is covered in other threads but I feel this is worth raising again. A certain player, mr_all_in, is manipulating this tournament by living up to his name, ALL IN !
He “plays” every game, goes all in on every hand, laws of averages dictate he is sitting on top of the table.
This is ruining the whole tournament for all players, in my opinion, this tactic should be banned, especially as the focus is thanksgiving !
I for one, can not play 24hrs a day playing multiple games at the same time to ensure a top ranking position, his tactic is cheating and something I can not support by continuing playing in the tournament.
Please do something about it.

In a no limit game, people are allowed to go allin whenever they want.

While I can relate to your frustration, they can’t (and shouldn’t) create new rules every time someone develops an effective strategy.

However, i do agree that the tournament structures that provide an unfair advantage to those willing to play 16 hours a day are not in the best interest of the site or it’s players.

I wonder if he can keep it up!
And if he does what will be his netto wins (included the won prize)

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that in the season of good will, this player is not grasping that. He is intent to satisfy his ego with scant regard and respect to other players.
This Tournament should start with one chip per player, hey presto, everyone has to go all in…hmmm, thats not poker though, its a lottery driven purely on luck, is that what Replay Poker and its players want ?
Lets get back to what this site is driven by…POKER… not someone who thinks it is a bingo hall.

I have noticed it is usually beginners who do this and win some but most of the time someone with a decent hand calls and knocks him out. They go all in with things like K 10 unsuited… I hate to lose to them when they actually sometime get a good hand… By the way, it is usually done before the flop.