Okiato fisher

Well .I dont talk much on forum ,but felt I just had to voice my opinion.
Playing at the tables is just getting worse & worse.
Very often now only 1 or 2 players win consistantly the rest at the table are just cannon fodder.
Also many high ranked players come to the table with a huge chip stack & simply out call everyone
This is not to mention BINGO players.
I started playing 3 or so yrs ago & it was great.
I’m not that great a player but enjoy the game however lately it has been allmost impossible to win a hand due to the reasons I have stated.
On making such comments at the tables I am quite often agreed with.
Any thoughts?

Try playing the sit and go’s , all players start with the same amount of chips and usually lots of familiar faces after you play there awhile.

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are u playing stakes higher than u should be playing as far as your skill level and bank? because u said they come with huge stacks of chips, that could be part of the problem. also are u playing mostly rings, sitngo games, or MTT tourneys? that makes a big difference, seems to me u are playing rings tho saying they are bring huge stacks to the table

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I was not necesasarily ? spelling! , looking for advice, although thats great
The point I was trying to make is this

Great hand delt flop good, call or bet whatever, another betts a huge amount.all fold

or loose all chips…

Great hand like fl or str8 beaten by fh.

One player at a table today 3 F.H. in a row .I mean!

Impossibly great hands turn up far more than they should & I have had a few mirracles as well

Oh well good feedback ,cheers

I feel like things happen in runs here , some days you can’t win and other times you just can’t lose , it does get frustrating though but it happens to all of us . Better luck to you in the future.

we have all been there done that seen that and still do no matter what type of game or stake level. i suggest u play sitngos and MTT tourneys and leave rings. it made me a much better 10 times better player than when i only played rings. it will teach u how to chase less and fold good hands more and most importantly teach u patience, which in some cases is the most important. also u will need to try different tactics to get ur skill level up. i always say if u dont get good cards then learn to play ur bad cards good. and after ur game is great at sitngos and MTT then u can go back to rings with so much more skill and take over the tables, best of luck

oh, u also have to be and show confidence in your play on the tables, if anyone will get ur chips it will be the confident player getting the non confident players whole stack even. dont be overconfident cause that can break u fast, just show and have solid confidence. also practice and learn good betting strategies that work for you, which is a very important thing to have to win a lot chips and the game

Thanks guys.

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I don’t play ring games a lot, but I would never sit a table with less than the max buyin. Playing less than the max indicates that you either can’t afford to play those stakes or lack the confidence, and either of those situations can and will be exploited by most good players.


i agree with u guru however some players have a cap on how much they are willing to lose for tat sitting before they would leave. that being said they should go to a lower ring game and use those same chips to be at max level, mainly fo chip leverage purposes, which shows strength and u have more control of the table as far as betting goes. if you think u deffinatly think u have the best hand then u also have their chips covered more too for the largest pot.

This is probably not the best idea, but I have had a bit of success buying in for the minimum at higher stakes. If I am going to buy in for 6m at 20k/40k, why not buy in for the same amount at 50k/100k? The strategy changes, moving away from drawing hands towards a tighter range, but being short-stacked can actually make your strategy more straightforward. Of course, bankroll management is still necessary to not go broke.

As far as the original comment goes, ring on Replay is crazy, especially the low stakes because nobody really cares or wants to fold, so the bets and calls and showdown hands will often be huge. But that isn’t really the site’s fault. You have to learn how to profit from the foolishness of others and move up stakes to where people are at least kind of trying.

These guys are all right fisher…if you want to play 'poker’play the MMT tournies…not that you wont get a few whacked out calls from some players but it will teach you to be a better player and you will have better understanding of the game…you can learn from a few players who play them regularly…im not saying you are a bad player haven’t seen you play but if you basing yourself in the rings its a complete joke…i play there once in a while like a total donk I call every hand …its a place to let loose not learn poker or be a better player…many play there on a serious note but most of them sit for 12 to 16 hours waiting for premium hands to come by…i play when I don’t have time for a MMT or just don’t want to play pressure poker…there are many players who just don’t go the rings…ive seen them play in the tournies …they play well…what you see in the final table as you stated is the same players…its because they know how to play and to get there more times than not…But it doesn’t mean a guaranteed win…ive sat thru for over an hour in the MMT’s and have been card dead and when I did get a monster hand I got donked with some donkey hand…happens every week ,.got used to it and saw it that I go thru top 10 most times than not…These guys who have posted know their poker take their advice and make the change/shift…you will be a happier 'poker’player…peace out

I used to think that way but now my psychology on that has evolved. I hit the default and let the other players think I can’t afford the higher stakes or lack the confidence or maybe they think I’m just lazy. One of those “I know you think you know what I’m thinking but do you know that I know that?” games. :wink:

I usually do not watch a table to get a hint of their play…I like to join with least amount and push a good Hand hard. If I lose can always get right back in with whatever amount I want if so desire with least amount of downside.