The n word

Some people use really ugly language maybe such language should not be tolerated. i was in a hand where i had pocket aces ans made a big raise of course there were several coallers. after the flop i bet again ,one caller, i continued my betting till i was all in he kept calling okay i figured i was beat no problem i lose ith aces all the time. to my suprise i won he had hit the two. i said thanks, to which he replied suck my dick nigger. i don’t mind a little cusing but such ugly lanuage shame on you drewxx22

flat, there is absolutly No! excuse to that kind of response! The foul language is another thing. what we need to do my dear is just say, nh and move on, because those people, as I have found out ,don’t last long on this site,and we are better than that. I am with you all the way, so please don’t think everyone is this way on this site.GOOD LUCK TO YOU! Your NEW FRIEND Gopo

Please report hand number to moderators, they deal with it behalf of you and RP.

You can find hand number on the left upper corner in the room. Send message in the internal message system.

and please not to post nicks or anything like this in this forum, may cause a further problem between you and thet player.

I wait for this case hand number from you , and sort it out asap.

Thank You!

“Rusty1AA” find the hand number, dont need send it. Thank You Rusty!

I mark this thread solved, PM sent to the offender, hopefully he understand and keep the chat rules from now on.

Have a nice play all

There is no need to talk that way, thats part of the reason this country is in the situation that it is. I wish some people would realize th problems with the hurt the N word has caused amongst all races.

I enjoy this site and have not seen any behavior like that and hope I do’nt. This is a game to’ have fun with, not spill hate.

i also had a similar situation happen to me. raven told me she was sorry for me cause i was black so i went to the moderator in which i was told she doesnt care

@realpoker 1) Record the evidence. If you go to then all the latest hands you played will be listed there. Find the links to any replay of hands which show an abuse *del from original post 2) Report it! Send an email to with a detailed description of what happened and the links to the replays as evidence.

Not here-not here. Please stop flood this support site with the same “problem” of yours. Thank you.

I feel sorry for you too, not cause your black, but because your upset at someone feeling sorry that your black. I feel sorry for raven for needlessly feeling sorry for you being black. Sorry! I’m feeling sorry!

lol no need to feel sorry for me im good