Playing with abusive players

Hi Replay Community,

As a new member, one of the things I value most about Replay is the respectful competition of mature players. It’s a wonderful place to be.

But we’re all people. Once in a while, we can make mistakes and bring personal garbage to this haven on the chat. Some people drink. Whatever.

I’d ask everybody to please keep it clean and be patient if another player starts making ‘mistakes.’

There are a lot of great people here to enjoy. It’s tempting to argue and get defensive or clever when a player verbally attacks you. Please don’t bite. Just let it go and let those players learn their lessons from somebody else. It’s not worth it.

They’ll put themselves out of business.

This isn’t the place to announce to the international world how f’d up you are.

If anyone has any advice or encouragement, please comment.

gg e1
cu soon

Indeed we as any community will encounter these problems and I can only say for me, there are ways to calm someone down in a very nice way. But you are correct, stay positive if presented with the problem and don’t engage in an argument. Stay positive, ignore when needed and report to if needed. Don’t let anyone ruin your experience, here or anywhere :smile:

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Thanks Litenin

Hi my friend , guess I never have or didn’t know and never heard of the term hate crimed.

Well I’d like to add some very colorful language here.
My icon is yellow and blue.

It’s all I got.

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Lot of great colors we enjoy when painting & Your very welcome

I was on a 250k tournament early and a player lost their cool. and started cursing a player on the table… after 5 commits… I asked him to please stop … don’t make me have to report you, I wrote down players name and hand #… I always have pen and paper at the ready… player made a few rude commits to me then left the table… I did not turn him in to replay staff… but did add a few notes to his profile… in case I have more bad interactions w/ said player.

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I was doing well in an MTT, but for the sake of de-escalation I dropped out. I can wrangle a horse but I won’t wrangle people on Replay.

“If anyone has any advice or encouragement, please comment.”

Private leagues on Replay are the answer to avoiding abusive players.

Usually, you’ll see abusive players abuse someone else first.

Make note of it and avoid them if possible.

If they start up on you, at least you’re not blindsided and react accordingly.

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Mute, screenshot and Report. Move on.

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I very rarely run into abusive players because I play mostly in the private leagues. In the event I do run into a player in regular MTT or a ring game that’s a bit salty, I take the de-escalation route and I ask them if everything is OK or if they are having a bad day. This doesn’t always work but when it does it’s much more satisfying than just turning them in. I agree with @Excaliburns all the private leagues like the Nordic Warriors, Dream Weaver have one or two active player league organizers that add and remove players, this keeps the game civil.


I generally will give someone some leeway after they get a bad beat to vent because they are human and it is frustrating. But if it gets personal, they get muted and the game goes on. :slight_smile:

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Thanks everyone, this is all useful advice to me. I wasn’t aware of these things. Again, big thanks to each of you.
I suppose that speaks highly in general of the community since it was only the first time it happened to me. I will move on, maybe look into private leagues as I figure out what I’m doing.

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Thanks to you my friend @PaperBoy73 for this post. It will always be a concern for others and future players to share and learn!!

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I have said many times to others, you may vent to me anytime needed. I will listen, console and try to provide a positive solution to let it go.

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