Rude Players

Yesterday I was playing an SNG and got called a bingo player (actually an expletive but I won’t repeat here) for raising pre-flop and c-betting when I got a piece of the board.

The guy that called me a bingo player would limp any 2 cards every hand hoping he would get lucky so it’s very funny coming from him :joy: :joy: :joy: he also said I wasn’t playing poker because I was stealing pots - stealing pots is part of poker! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Report the player to a moderator and let them handle it.


One way to deal with rude players is to play on a cell phone. That way you don’t see comments.

Honestly it’s entertaining to watch the :fish: complain and see how they think. Kinda crazy they think limping in every single hand and only betting when they have a really big hand is the “correct” way to play in their heads when pretty much any poker book or professional player will tell you otherwise. They play so face up at times you could tell them exactly what they have to their faces.

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reporting someone for saying bingo player sounds pretty childish to me lol…i think some people need to toughen up in this big ol world.
You can block chat of players…some of hope we will have the option of blocking observers in the future by clicking on their name in chat. The site i use to play at had this option.


This is when you report. No need to get that upset to start cursing.

Not just bingo player - I clearly said he called me “Bingo [expletive]” but won’t repeat the expletive because it’s not allowed.

Yeah I’ll just take verbal abuse from the :fish: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: how about I trash talk you if I play you in an SNG since you’re so tough LOL

Sorry i missed the cuss word part…and it wouldn’t bother me in the least what you called me…iwould mute you.
But FYI I never play SNG tournys LOL
GL at the tables and lets hope in the near future we can mute those in the attic spectating

This happened to me last week on my first day on this site. Being told I should come back when I learn how to play poker didn’t exactly make me feel welcome, but I just ignored him and moved on.