Abuse by spectators in tourneys

I was just playing a tourney and I notice that a spectator decided to call one of us a four letter word which I won’t say as to offend any of our community. Are they treated by replay for abuse like when we play at any table or do you just let it go?

I also experienced same thing Disturbing the play I think spectators should not be allowed to chat or should be able to muted

You need send a hand where they was abusing you to moderators or just find this spectator by he’s poker name and report at him.

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As @Caracal mentioned, if you see a spectator being abusive in chat, please report them to us! With how spectators work right now, you’ll need to go to the player’s profile page and report them from there, but we absolutely take abusive chat from spectators just as seriously as anyone who’s playing at the table.

@LOKENDRA - while we feel spectators should be allowed to chat, I completely agree that players should be able to mute them. It will likely be something we change in the more distant future, but you shouldn’t have to wait for moderation to be free from disrespectful chat.

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Spectators should be allowed to chat , but agree should be able to mute them if it distracts your game.

Well, I kinda think it is a good idea to remember that this is the internet and grown people have the ability to ignore those who irritate them…or at least they should have that ability if they are adults…

Agree 100%