2 members bullying each other

Just played B and R tournament
As usual we had a big talk about is it ok to go all in… but solved it, i did win a lot, it was good, but then i came to another table with - hijacks and Stephanie1988 - they where bullying each other all the time, filling up the entire place by this… i was unable to concentrate and i told them to stop it… but they kept on. i had to go out of the game - i told them - that i would write it in here - because it is such a bad style - i believe that if people disagree with each other, they should take it outside the table -
I can post… later about the real game… if you need it
here is the game - Oct 4, 9:15am - Oct 4, 10:10am
Bankroll Builder B&R

I don’t see what gives you the right to tell people how they can and can’t use the built-in chat feature. As long as they are within the site’s terms of use, they can say what they want to each other.

If you find that to be a distraction, you can mute the offending players. Click on their names, then click the chat bubble icon on the lower left of the popup. You will no longer be able to see their chat.

Worst case, there is a link at the bottom of the page that says, “moderators.” Click this link and you will get a list of the site’s mods. The ones online will be highlighted. You can send them a message and they will usually visit the table and take whatever action they deem appropriate.

Sorry - Your answer is just making me… Why are there not another site to play on - than Replay - I love, normaly to play here… but bullying is a BIG problem, at the tables… I have written about it before, as you know…
If you are telling me… It Is OK to bully on the tables…Replay is losing many players, by that - And i am not very sensible else…
Thanks for the other advises you give, i will use them

Yeah, you have been told how to mute players in another post. It shouldn’t be a problem anymore, right?

Frankly, I don’t see bullying as a problem at all, let alone a big problem. How is is it a problem when the simple solution is to mute the offending player?

Your claim that the site is losing players over it is totally unsupported by any evidence whatsoever.

When I was about 5, my mamma taught me that, “sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can never harm you.” With all due respect, maybe it’s time you put on your big girl pants and get over it already.

Oh, and by the way, it’s not possible for 2 people to bully each other. I know, “bullying” is a popular buzz word in the social justice warrior field of mass manipulation, but, by definition, “bullying” is using superior power to intimidate a weaker person. The word obviously doesn’t apply here.

And no, I don’t think it’s OK to harass another player excessively. There is a line that shouldn’t be crossed. On the other hand, a little good natured trash talk is and has been a part of poker since the game was invented.

No limit is a brutal game by its very nature. Anyone who is so distracted by a little chat might consider finding a game which better suits their disposition, especially when the solution is as simple as muting the offending player(s).

No offense intended, just tellin’ it like it is.


While I agree anyone can use the mute feature, call in a Mod, and some drama is fine… You might reconsider the fact that in many cases “words” can hurt far more and longer than physical attacks.

On the other hand, Fairy… you have made this point a few times in different posts… you failed to say if it was chat only, or with chips/rebuys… I do suggest you call a mod the next time if its that bad.

Yes dear, but…

Taken in context, we were talking about words from some random stranger, not someone you know, trust, and love deeply. For example, if I said something mean to you, you would understandably be quite devastated. (cough)

Maybe we will just have to agree to not agree here, but nothing some unknown fool says to me will affect me in the slightest. Words from random idiots mean less to me than a snot bubble from the nostril of a newborn yak.

So happy for your responce Sassy Sarah… as you know me from the tables - i did write what game it was and when - i will call the moderator next time - as i still believe, we should not bully each other by the tables - here in this forum members could go and say what they meant about each other.

I have to agree with SunPowerGuru. If you are distracted by table banter, mute them.

I also agree that bullying can not (by definition) be between two people. You could call it verbally abusing each other but bullying would not be the correct term of what you described.

BTW SunPowerGuru, I was on the University of Michigan’s Sunrunner team in 1990. I am not sure if that means anything to you but I thought it might based on your screen name.

Sure, the Sunrunner Team makes those cool solar powered competition cars.

You seem to be the first person to realize that the SunPowerGuru name has nothing to do with poker and everything to do with alternative energy. Well done!

by the way, we were not bullying each other, we were having fun by being sarcastic to each other…

ya its fun to teeze but within reason

Reading Hijacks reaction… something comes to my mid - was it also to take
over the table… YES i believe so
and i like Hobolon62 reaction as he say… yes by a reason

Now i can se it counts to ask for help - or as i do… is it only me ??
Because it is not… and i se a lot of players more shy… they just go

I watched the hands in question and all I saw was two players having a bit of banter. Comments such as “its hard to convey charisma over a keyboard” and “How did the poker world survive without your narrative for so long” can hardly be considered bullying. There were no threats, either actual or implied. The language was neither abusive, offensive or insulting. It was between two players, both of whom appeared to be enjoying it. It was not directed at any other player at the table so it should have been of little or no concern to you. Players are allowed to speak at a live table so there really is no reason to expect other rules to apply at an online table and if their banter was a distraction to you there is a simple one click solution called the mute button.

Now i get it… the solution is only 1 - i can se
Do not ask for help or solutions… because it is - like defending the ones running this… now suddenly it is nothing at all … so i must have a problem
I have got it. thanks
Its ok to abuse at people to treat them bad to to be cold and as one said… it is non of my buisness - Never say anything
… to the rulers - the moderators or any… just be as rude as you can… because… its fun… yes just have fun
And i do have fun and i do like to play… and now i have learned this lessons too
Thanks for using the old words… do not believe you are something… you not and we do not want your opion… just be quiet… like the rest… and go somewhere else… if you can not take the tobac smoking´in here

I used some of the comments as an example of what was being said by the players involved and as evidence to the fact that I had watched the game. As neither player has complained its pretty obvious they did not feel as though they were being bullied. In fact hyjacks posted above[quote=“hijacks, post:11, topic:4693”]
we were having fun by being sarcastic to each other…
About your comment though::

In essence you a calling me a nothing and denying me the right to post my opinion on a public forum. I am to shut up and sod off. The last part of your post I can only take to be an allegation that I suffer from some form of drug dependency.
Now as the sensitive soul that I am your comment wounds me deeply and I consider them to be an attempt to bully me as they were directed toward me. Maybe I should complain…
Oh look, I found my concrete pills. Gonna take 2 and harden the hell up. Guess I’m not a sensitive soul after all.

Ok it was sarcastic from my site - not poinetet to you - it was a coclusion
of the resoult of asking for help - but i do love your reaction…lol

Only the weak can be bullied.

Anyone in need of these please help yourself…lol

You asked for help in another thread and were told how to mute the offending players. Should have been case closed.

You don’t want help, you want vindication. You are in the wrong, but will never admit it.

You somehow think you should be in control of chat, that everyone should bow to your wishes and do as you want. It’s not gonna happen.

Random chat, even when it’s not directed at me, was so distracting, it made me lose the tournament! LOL

Spare us the endless drama and grow up please. Now you can get the last word and call me a rude monster. I won’t bother to read it, I’m done with this silly nonsense.

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