Rude people ruiniing it for everyone

you probably don’t care ,cause ive heard they have been reported before and they still here.but even some of your moderators are very rude and pushy instead of helpful. and this lepsomb guy is way out of control and your moderators laugh.i know people are upset nut no one says anything … and high rollers come to smaller games and just throw chips out knowing others cant complete.this is a nice site but they will ruin it. .

A lot of accusations.

When a player is reported for bad behavior, moderators take action. Of course we need the hand numbers, we use that for proof and for the admin. Sometimes players report each other and later we find out the story is a bit different as they told us. We replay several hands ( previous and next hands) to see what happend. Some players call the moderators “Gestapo” because we take action. We do not let the bad people running the site.

When you report a player for bad behavior send it to or use the possibility to email in the header or by message to a moderator, but with a hand number.

After the first violation we start with a warning, next time we mute, After each violation the duration ot the mute / ban will be longer. When the player continues and can not behave we have to mute / ban permanent. The site has guidelines for the moderation.

You say moderators laugh about bad bahavior?? I can not believe that. Please send it to the staff. The facts and hand numbers.

And you say moderators are very rude and pushy instead of helpful. What you mean with that? You asked for help and not got help? Or not the help / answer you wanted to have?


leplomb, I believe does stay within the RP chat standards. He can be a jerk and annoying, but that can be intentional to put people off their game. I think it’s just cause he is French Canadian. The world may not know Quebec is a portal to another Planet. I like to annoy leplomb and unfortunately give him millions in chips.

About the high rollers playing on smaller games. I’ll be discussing this with our new team member: Shakeraise, we have some ideas how to make it fairer for everyone.

Regarding rude behaviour, we’re also going to make it easier to report issues right from within the game table.

Paul, I’m glad you are looking at addressing the high stakes players style of play at the lower stake tables. I have some ideas regarding this matter. Is this the best location for presenting these ideas. These ideas I believe could be a memory hog but solve some problems. I have been thinking of suggesting these ideas, if I have not already somewhere on site. However, these ideas should never take precedence over Omaha 8 endeavors.

in talking to other players . they told me don’t bother reporting cause these people have been reported before and rp doesn’t care.

Then those people are wrong. We can’t moderate without proof. Hand number located in upper left hand corner (just get us close). We can’t stop the all in bets (as you can see not a lot of people play the pl tables). But we do not allow players to run over other players. Without the players helping us we can’t help them.

B17, I suggest you post your ideas on Shakeraise’s discussion here:

You talk with the wrong players… about this. Just read what happi and wagon said. They spot on.

I talked to wrong players ? stupid comment I talked to other player involved at table, who else would I talk to

you know the description quit dodging the issue

Know the old saying can’t help someone that won’t help them self.


yes I know it and replay p knows whogets the complaints and I also know these people have been disciplined before and didn’t listen and yet you allow them to continue

i can bet all the chips i want its no limit poker if ure not happy change table abby ty.

correct you can but lets respect the game of poker and free chips and play as though it was real oney. ive always played real money poker online until they outlawed it and you wouldn’t do that there but because no money involved you just throw chips out. its your right true but sort of ruined the ral essence of poker

i not ruin the game, i play for fun, raise blind not involving i ruin the game, i raise when i have a good like all good players do. sry but peoples they ruin the game call all in each times and u know somes are sure :slight_smile: