Rude moderator!

I have been playing on this site for about a year and have enjoyed playing until today when the moderator Happiness was rude I feel. I had more chips than she did at the time and everytime i would loose a hand she would text lol. Is this how your employees are supposed to treat your players? I have never been rude to anyone on this site. I always try to be nice and supportive to ALL players. I can understand rude players but not rude moderators that are employees of this site! Thank you for your time and consideration with this matter.

She not employe at all.

In play she same like all other user. No difference.

Text " LOL" is not considered rude or against the chat rule-s or site rules or anywhere else. So, this case treated like all case like this.

Game is game. Moderation is moderation. Please dont mix the two.


Im never rude. Send me the handnumber pls.

I never say lol to the player who lose.

I was very upset about this, so i looked for the hands. Im not rude. I player went all in with her last chips, 3 Q, not a very good hand, but she hit the trips. I said lol n1 to that player, dont think that was rude.

And this one… I won and you lost, and yes i said lol…

4 diamonds on table and both of us no flush, thats why i said lol,

When you think that rude, im sorry, thought it was a bit funny, 4 diamonds on table and no flush.

when I read headline, I was sure that it was you :slight_smile: LOL

Haha…you know im the monster from…but it is time we hunt there again:))

Happiness is the nicest and sweetest moderator/player and she is never rude.

i love happiness and i can’t see her being rude at any point!!

Her and I disagree about a certain issue. However I can say that IMHO she’s in now way RUDE… She has always been respectful in the last 2.5 yrs I have played with her. She really has stood up for myself and a lot of others, when most wouldn’t. Sounds like to me u have a complex with losing and it’s always someone else’s fault…

Happy is a nice person. Me on the otherhand might Type LOL Look overat largedodohead. Just kidding lighten up life is to short, what we need is more love and understanding. Luv Ya Lisa

Thanks, love you all!!

I know happiness for a long time now… and i could never pick here for rude or any other misbehaviour. So i think u had a bad day or u lost a few hand before… and when i look at the hands they were a bit amusing (when 4 cards off the same colour are on table, the flush is very close)

I can also say that I have never seen Happi being rude to anyone under my 10 years at RP…

Happiness is always mean!!! Lurks in the back ground strikes like a cobra and takes your chips and says sorry. But you still lost your free chips. How mean can you get, stealing free chips!!!