Bullying Attach under a Tournament

Yesterday in an B and R Tournament - a man named : paulocards03 -
Began bullying me… it was clear he wanted to hit and was very angry on women -
I do not know him and he do not know me - But he claimed that he knew me and he for a long time did write in the writing section… all kind of bullying - also he said i could not play… i played and won… i even won big… i was lucky - but he kept bullying… he even began getting worse - i kept the good tone… and also tried to make fun about it… to be friendly and but also had to tell him… he wan not right and that he did not know me - The to me… BIG thing in it was… No one said anything - No one asked him to stop it … at last a player won his chips… so he had to go
But how can I or others react quickly… when such is happening ?

There might be a faster way, but I would click the player’s name, then click the “report player” menu item. I would include the tournament, table number, and time, and maybe cut n paste a sample of his chat.

If there’s a better way to handle it, maybe one of the staff will let us know.

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Hi Fairy888,

Thank you for letting us know of this situation. Rest assured, we do not want our players to be harassed or bullied on our site. The chat will be reviewed and appropriate action taken.

SunPowerGuru is absolutely correct. Anytime you see or are experiencing inappropriate chat comments during a game, you can click on the player’s name and then the Report Player icon (triangle with an exclamation mark - ! ). This will alert staff and/or mods to the issue, and it can be resolved more quickly.

There is also a player mute icon available when you click on the player’s name. When you click the chat bubble icon, you will no longer be able to see any of the chat posted by that player.

We strive to maintain a fun and friendly place for everyone to play poker, and we appreciate hearing from you! Good luck at the tables!


Table id 2012653. Hand number #238629162 is a good place to start up until #238632048