VNH -- fair? or bullying?

Is that fair ? Is that nice? or is it bullying?
It hurt my feelings but I don’t have thick skin at all. Maybe I’m over reacting.

It was in a recent tournament.

I feel like that player was just trying to be mean and kick me out of the game asap and then the other player supporting him by saying " VNH" just to say haha in a way.

Not very nice. Like bullying almost.

Makes me regret going into the tournament at all. :cry: and I thought they would be fun… I guess I was wrong?? If I’m going to be bullied in a tournament there is no point in joining one. :sob:

VNH - its Very Nice Hand

yea, its happen often every where, they are always tell VNH to the winer even if he called your big pre pot raise with J 2 offsuited and he won.

Yeah, the problem with text is it’s often very hard to tell if it’s insulting or not, hehe. Best thing to do is assume they’re just friendly and enjoying the game. :wink:

For reals though, if you ever suspect bullying, feel free to report it to staff or a moderator. We’ll take a look. One of our main goals is to make sure everyone has a safe, friendly* had of poker to play.

(* You’ll have to bring your own luck, I’m afraid. We’re fresh out.)

I think that, hahahha, is offensive, and uncalled for.

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Im just learning to be a donk, not work for now :pensive:

LOL gatzby good answer, your a smooth dude, but lets stock up on so of the luck !!

by the way never assume cause that makes an ass out of u and me > HAHA

this is just a game threreis no reason to insult other players remember you have pros regular players and beginners that don’t even the short hand have some patience thank you and good luck!!!

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Hehe, the rules say we only allow constructive, positive feedback – nobody would ever disobey that, would they? :wink:

Ah…you have hit upon one of the snags of chat etiquette.Posting “vnh”,or “n1!”,or some such is likely sincere,but since using capital letters is considered to be SHOUTING(!),that may well make the difference between sincerity and sarcasm,which,along with irony,I’m sorry to say that it is very hard to do in type and keep the right meaning.
If someone says/types,"VNH"once,that’s one thing.If it happens every hand you play then it is clearly something else…and not something pleasant.Consider grassing the player responsible up to the moderators.

It is not my style of play , but it is Poker.The Idea is to win all the money, not make friends.

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What money? they’re chips!
If you’d be playing Online with YOUR money or in Real then yeah that’d be the Objective
But you’re playing Online!! with VIRTUAL money! The idea is to make friends :wink: :slight_smile:


free chips and free friends both work for me g1 nh what ever works just have fun

I have always considered VNH to be a compliment…especially when you played a good hand. The quality of your hand would probably indicate whether or not it was meant as a compliment or not.

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Hehe, I figure, even if they mean it sarcastically, you’ve got them stirred up enough to make a mistake!

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I had the some problem back in the day. Until I decided to become a master of comebacks.

I started googling, seeing movies and went really creative with comebacks. Nowadays, I dont even have a problem if someone insults me, I usually hit them back with an even better comeback.

In that way, you will earn respect and in the longrun its quite fun actually because its very intellectual.

Anybody that wins with a Full House or better I will usually give a VNH to. You don’t need to be rude to anyone.

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The much greater than mean (as in average) number of players that say, vnh - do mean (intend) well, and not to be mean (nasty); however, there are a lot of donkeys and jerks in the world. It is a game for fun, or entertainment, yet many of us play to refresh or increase our skill for future money games - in casino, online or home games. For that few I suggest playing the higher coin tables and tours to avoid a greater number of the afore mentioned meanies. Also, if I may suggest; I life and people can be cold - poker may even be played by a lot of good liars (which is why I don’t bluff much - may I suggest for your health - get a bit thicker skin (I can tell you personally) - stress is not good for the soul. Take care and good luck in all things. Res.


I say VNH, nh, n (nice), g1 (good one) w (welcome) urw (you are welcome), ty (thank you), tyvm (thank you very much) when I play. I am sorry :cry: if anyone took these comments to mean anything other than to be friendly.
I love this site and enjoy playing at a chatty, friendly table.:smiley:

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