The best way to deal with abrasive opponents

Once in a while, though not often, there are opponents who in the chat seem to want to be as antagonistic and insulting as possible for no reason.
An example from a tournament just minute ago: the villain hits a 3-outer on the river and wins the pot, and in the chat I just say “nh” to which I get a reply like “you play like an idiot”, and I answer “I had you all the way up until the river though”, and the answer is “bla bla”.
Personally I am not too affected by this. I just said “you are too kind”, and I got no more trouble. But clearly such individuals are not good for the game, and there are users of Replay who would not find it a pleasurable experience to play in an environment in which they are subjected to such verbal abuse.
So what do you think is the best way to deal with verbal abusers on Replay?

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Report them. I am not sure if the report includes the hand number when the report player icon is used so I would include that as well just to be sure. Abusive chat is against Replay policy.:


Simply mute them.

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I can see how to mute all of the chat. But how to mute a single player?

There is no way to mute a single player. I suggest copy the chat in , chat box, report player and paste the chat box in the report. This provides all the info support would need.

There is no abusive chat allowed, per site rules.

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Mute a single player is here:


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Hi r_i_c_k, :grinning:

While muting a player can solve your immediate problem and can work if the bad behavior is directed solely at you, but other players have to see the abusive chat and,… if they do it to you they are probably doing it to others as well.

Replay wants all players to be able to play free of abusive or derogatory chat.

It may be that the negative comments are a one-off due to frustration, tiredness, bad mood, bad beat or whatever. If you report the player the staff can look at the player’s chat history and make an appropriate response. Anything from nothing to a warning to a permanent chat mute to account deletion is possible based on the severity and frequency of the offense.

Personally, unless there is repeated and/or vile chat directed at me, I will ignore it. I am not so tolerant when I see abusive chat directed at others, I will report the player, let the staff sort it out, and get on with enjoying my game.

We should all be able to play and enjoy here free from abuse. This is play poker… there are no real life consequences here, no one is betting with real money, and no one is going to loose their home. At worst you loose some time and maybe a few dollars worth of chips if you buy your chips.

I could go on, but I will shut up now… :grinning:



Apart from the odd hello and good luck I don’t say much at the best of times while playing and am never critical of anyone’s play ever, however I also cant help myself fight fire with fire when it comes to being obnoxious to obnoxious people, I had to stop calling people fannybaws when I got a yellow card, I promised the staff I would stop that, but to be fair it’s one of the nicer ones.
I cannot abide in any shape or form, bully’s, obnoxious people, rude people or general horrible types.
No need for it in this environment.
Love and peace


Kudos to you for toning this player down a notch! I’m sure others at the table applauded your calm reaction!

The best way to deal with an abusive player is to report them. They are breaking site rules. This helps ensure that we all have a better experience at the tables.

Community Playbook · Replay Poker


Hi @taeto!

We want players to have a fun experience when they’re seated at the tables. You already received great responses here, but I just want to emphasize that rude players have to be reported, so our Team can look into it and moderate as necessary. You can click HERE for information on how to report players.


Some ppl. get muted for life for calling ppl. a Donk-Re-play will take care of the ppl. who abuse you here as they are very nice ppl. running a great poker site and just MAYBE the best poker site in the world i would say:).


So , there was one player who would constantly harass me no matter what, I was a donk if i called him and a loser if i didn’t. I finally reported him saying it was not enjoyable to even sit at the same table with him. Like a previous post I can give as good as I get but I didn’t like the negativity,
After it was reported the person immediately stoppped and everything has been fine since, So whatever staff did to intervene it worked,
I have a question or observation about table chat. There are tables where it is obvious that people know each other and play together frequently, So people are all upbeat and positive and congratulate each other for good hands, Its nice I guess but there are times on those tables when it feels like I’m playing against a team.I am not accusing anyone of cheating but asking that people be aware of that phenomenon.

We don’t soft play our friends unless we are on a Team Play Poker game.


A group of friends who play the same tourneys/rings everyday might seem like a ‘team’, but they’re playing their own games and they’re there for the win…just like you. I’m sure if you joined in on the table chat, you’d find that they would include you in the fun that they’re having at the table.


I didn’t see the hand, but I think a good player would make the guy a donk but not tell him he was one. And would steal his chips but not call him a loser.



The way I deal with that type of player is to praise their skill and ask them for further tips. I tell them how much I appreciate their advice and that I hope to be as good as them one day in the future. All while beating them around the table like a cheap ping pong ball…


I don’t pay them no mind just think how can a person be so abrasive and still sit at the table. Surely an angry player had no good judgement and bets on nothing hands because of their anger issues. Report the player if it disrupts the game or turns to threats.

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Your probably right Schumcra, but apart from racism or bigotry I would never report anyone for anything, just not in my nature, nasty folk could say what they want to me, it bothers me not at all, I’m more likely to take offence when I see someone else being picked on and go on the attack, that is in my nature :smiling_imp:


if its a ring table you can always leave…tourny you are stuck lol.
Another site i played had an option to tag players and they would appear on your friends list,
that way you know in advance if they are logged on and where they are seated. A good way in advance to keep track of players like that.