Aggrevations & Annoyances at Poker Tables

“When you are at a poker table with a player who aggravates or annoys you for any reason, how do you try to resolve it?”

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Every once in a while someone at the table keeps up a running conversation with only me, and it’s awkward for two reasons: 1) I really do like to focus on my game, and 2) I want the rest of the people at the table to participate in the conversation so that two of us aren’t dominating chat. I try the same strategies I use when this happens at any event: I address a question to another player–or several players–and hope the conversation moves further around the table. Or I apologize and say, “I need to focus or you’ll steal all my chips!” Trying to use humor to change the interaction. Most of the time these strategies work.


I don’t let it bother me if it intended at me and let my play speak volumes not my words.

Usually the aggressor thinks I have the chat off and that resolves it or if they go all in every hand which happens sometimes I just fold until they mayhem is over.

The worst case scenario I just leave the table before I reach thru the screen :wink:


A wise man doeth leave the table before wrath. lol


And a wise man I am :+1:t2:


I was playing quarter finals of team championship against BW - if you know who that is - just us 2 left - then i start reading someone heckling BW in a bad way – I couldnt believe it - i was very surprised when it happened - i also thought - hey - pro’s get heckled - I must be doing OK - lol - I have only seen that type 1 other time…


You ever know for sure that the game is not random?

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