Table view, making it better very easy

I have two proposals to make the table view better.
For the SW-engineer it takes less than 2 minutes for an update…

  1. it is absolutely unnecessary to define something before the table name.
    e.g. instead of “High stakes - Tasman Sea - 20.000 / 40.000”, “Tasman Sea - 20.000/40.000”
    is totally enough, everyone knows what is about. Let it out for all tables.

  2. When you click on a player, you see if he is low, medium, or high stakes. You must click on him again to see, how many chips he has. This is unnecesassary too. Like in the casino, when we click on a player, we’d see how many chips he has in total; the 2nd click is not needed. So, instead of showing “low/medium/high” just show the total chip amount.

These are my two very easy update proposals, makes the table view better.