Suggestion: More betting options

To improve the interface, I think there should be a few more buttons on the betting.

We currently get checkboxes for Fold, Check/Fold, Call, Call Any, and Raise. And pre-flop we get x2, x3, and All In. And of course there’s the textbox where you can type in your bet, but I don’t use it very much because I mostly play in Turbo SNG, and if the table is laggy, or if you hit a typo and have to bakspace out and type it over, there just isn’t enough time to type before your time expires and you either fold when you wanted to re-raise someone, or you check when you meant to bet, and it can really screw you up.

Some poker strategies involve sizing bets proportional to your stack. So, it’d be nice if there were some buttons for, say, 10%, 25%, 33%, 50%, 75%, and 100% of your stack. Or perhaps a slider control with “sticky points” at these increments, so that they’re easy to quickly hit the desired amount.

It’d also be handy if there were similar buttons for sizing your bets to your opponent’s stack. I’m not sure how that would work for multi-handed pots, but maybe the buttons would be sized for betting proportions of the biggest stack still in the pot, or something.

Fitting all of these buttons into the UI could be a challenge, so this would obviously need to go through some usability testing before being finalized.


They could eliminate the 2x button because just hitting the “raise” button does the same thing. (I think)

I would be satisfied with 2 buttons if we could set the values as a persistent preference. For example, it would be nice to be able to set one for 1/3 pot and the other for 2/3 pot or whatever.


I like your suggestions…in the meantime consider typing in your bets quickly with say 111, 222, 333, 9999, etc.


Excellent idea. They could also use a slider with increments at 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 1/1 and 2/1. Some sliders are hard to use unless they have set increments for the user to click.


Just a simple statement that relates: I have been forced to fold or check after having unintentionally run out a quick clock trying to customize a bet size while holding a great hand more times than I’d like to remember. Anyone else in or have been in this boat?


It’s happened to me a few times. Really aggravating. Mostly a problem on a turbo game.

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They may also want to make the “Fold” button more prominent since many players don’t seem to realize it exists at all :slight_smile:


You mean you guys need something besides the all in button?


Yes many times…the most memorable was when I had a str8 flush to the K and farted around too long and was folded out (with a big pot showing).
That’s why if 1/2 pot or pot aren’t the right bet I quickly type in 111, 222, 333, 9999, etc.

Honestly, I’d be happy if the slider only snapped to increments of the small blind. Seeing someone bet 407 chips at a table with 50/100 blinds makes my eye twitch uncontrollably.

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That is often the point. It’s a way to manipulate the other players. “Why would anyone bet such a weird amount?” is what he/she wants you to think. The raiser’s hope is that you’ll misjudge his/her true strength or motive. It’s also the reason every game now requires a raise to be at least the amount of the previous bet; otherwise, you’d have people raising a 25K bet by 1 chip, just to say they had raised last.

If I want to bet 4BB, I click the 3BB button, then click once to the right of the slider. This often adds some strange small amount to the end, like 407 instead of 400. It’s nothing intentional.

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Mostly joking. I just note it down and move on.

Yes. I would make good use of a “limp” button as well as a “bingo” button.


I just need 2 buttons…
a deticated Fold only button ( no check/fold )
and a Set-able button, easily changed during play.

I usually use “manual 10-key” input for my bets.

I want an “unfold” button.



big blind

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I am not what you may call a card “shark”, but I had that trouble with time running out.I sat Gawking at 4 Kings instead of betting in a 42000 Pot, however I realize I can not hold up the game

That would have been a tough one.