Betting format at higher stakes

When players play at the high blinds, for example 50/100k its quite annoying when they want to type a high bet, sth like 3200000. How about making bet sizes to be a multiple of 1000 in ring games that have blinds 5/10k and higher. I think that it would be very comfortable and good for the game.

For example in blinds 40/80k, a raise 3x preflop would be 240, and this would count as 240k.

This solution would make playing much more comfortable, and also this will speed up a game.

i like the base theory about this, but i think it will run into a couple of problems.
1: people may accidently tap 240000 instead of 240 because it differs each stake and go all in accidently since the is no straight line.
2:in tournaments the blinds will go up to big amounts too sometimes. if suddenly a shortcut comes up the same problem will come as mentioned above.

i do have a counteridea that won’t cause these problems:
as you already said 240 is much easier to use then 240000 and the 240000 may even cause a problem of misclicking one of the zero’s.
but why no shortcut like k and m. like 240k will automaticly be used as 240000 and 6m as 6000000.
it’s close as the same as your idea but this might work well. i also play runescape and they use this shortcuts too and it works well.

hope this helps.

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There s a lot of callers, so, I will make a big raise too to kick them out, less players more chances to win a hand.

Actully i agree with you yiazmat. How about adding a field, where you can type a per cent value in relation to the current pot?


I used to play on another site where I eventually ended up with hundreds of trillions of chips. I don’t like using the sliders, so would type in my bets, and it’s real easy to add or miss a zero here or there,
and there was never enough time to fix it. I eventually left the site over it, so yeas\h, I get your frustration

The sliders should work in 1/2 or 1/4 bet increments. You should be able to click the slider, then tap the right or left arrow keys to bump it up (or down) in min bet increments.

If raise 3 times I have a lot of callers, if I’m all-in I have less :slight_smile: They are trying to have heads up to win a hand.


about your idea, i think that would also be a nice idea.