High stakes table speed

Hey, I’m wondering whether it’s possible to increase the time to act on the 500k/1m table, if it’s possible I think everyone there would be in favour.


Wouldn’t be a bad idea to do this in MTT’s as well after the field is cut down to 50% and then 25% etc. As hands become more consequential, decisions become more difficult. Calculating and entering bet sizes also takes time.

If the goal is to promote the best play possible, then this is something Replay Poker should consider. Everyone wants the games to move along but at higher stakes and/or deeper tournament runs, decisions should not be as rushed as they currently are. Adding a few seconds should not significantly prolong the games but would probably lead to better decision making and better play.

Definitely in favour. As a regular playing against other regulars, some decisions can get very marginal especially when there is substantial history between the players, which is almost always the case at the 1M table since so few people play there.

Would appreciate more time to consider all possible variables before making a decision.

There was another thread all on time limits but I gotta say if anything they can be too long… Ryan, only a small part of the cheap MTTs are “fast” most are “regular”… please allow the rest of us a few MTTs with faster speads and try and stick to the longer limit MTTs… please

Most of the MTTs are “regular” spead… 20 seconds, thats more than enough time for any decision.
You CANNOT adjust the spead within a specific MTT… duhhhhh

I guess your decision making skills are better than mine.

Hey Ryan, 500k/1million … yeah, I can understand 20 seconds. I have never played in a ring that high… I was more reacting to the MTTs Warlock mentioned… there is a thread somewhere kinda recent I started on time limits, but that was still mainly for MTT/SnG. So I can see having time at 1m in blinds…

I did not know you had addressed this in another thread. I will be happy to read it there and see what was discussed. I am still relatively new here and was used to a slightly longer clock. In 90% of cases, no more time is needed for sure. However, once you get near the end of some of the longer format games, having a few more seconds to calculate and enter the proper bet size would be nice. Just my opinion and I did not realize that the timers could not be adjusted at different levels. It would seem to be an exceptionally easy thing to do. Lastly, if there are short-timed and regular-timed MTT’s, where do you see the distinctions listed?

Much as there are regular and speed-chess matches and players who swear by each, I think it is perfectly ok for people to prefer short and longer clocks on hands. Most speed chess players wouldn’t suggest that Bobby Fisher or Gary Kasparov were dimwits though for taking time in making decisions. Different strokes Sarah and no need to disparage the playing style of others simply because you prefer something different.

In the main tournaments lobby, there is a little lightning bolt thingie. If it’s lit up, it’s a turbo type, if it’s slightly less lit, it’s a regular one.

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The short time is 10 seconds and the long time is 20 seconds.


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SPG and Scratch - thank you and you both rock once again. I did not notice that designation.

It’s a relief to know that time isn’t speeding up and slowing down for me though and its only a difference in the games I played :slight_smile:

SPG - I read your comment on time banks and those would be awesome to add to the game.

Yes, anything I suggest is pretty much awesome.

haha :stuck_out_tongue:

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more time to act would be good, sometimes I am driving and need more time to look at screen and look at road

Don’t worry about that.

Becky (not my real name)

I dislike the idea having a timebank added. Now when players walk away from their computer you wait 10 or 20 sec before their hand is folded, with a timebank (1 min) you must wait 70 or 80 sec.

Of course some players will use it normal (just take some sec extra), but there will be a lot of delay from players who walk away because they can do it without being folded.

But time bank cards must be consciously put into play so someone does not get the extra time by default. If someone is away from the game, then they would be folded out after the normal clock runs out. If someone is at the table and actively chooses to use a time-bank card, then extra time is granted.

This has become fairly popular in the live pro ranks as a way to have faster clocks in general but still preserve the option to take more time in specific instances when necessary. The use of clocks and time-banks has in fact sped the games up quite a bit overall from where they were before. I am not sure how hard it would be to implement online but if it could be done, I don’t see why it would have a negative effect on the game where it had a positive effect in live play.

So players get extra time in their time bank (for the while they are at the ring game table or in a tournament), but they can not use the extra time in one time. For example they can ask for extra time and they get 10 sec from their time bank (or 10 sec at the max, if they use less extra time the rest stay in their timebank).
It works that way?

In live play, it has been instituted with cards or tokens. Each player will get a certain number of these cards to use as they see fit, say 3 each per session. In our case it could be 3 per tournament or something like that. Each card would represent a certain number of seconds of time extension to act before having a hand declared dead.

In normal play, the players have 1 minute to act or their hands are declared dead. If the player feels he/she needs more time, they can use 1 of their cards and get another 30 seconds to act. A player may use these cards in succession if they want to if a hand is particularly difficult. In the case of Replay Poker, the cards could represent an additional 10 seconds or something along those lines to adjust for the shorter clock in general. Once a player is out of time cards, that’s it. So here you would be granting each player up to an additional 30 seconds to act over the course of an entire tournament (or per hour of ring play I guess). Probably most players wouldn’t even use a single card per game.

There has been an issue with players taking too long to act. Before the introduction of timers to the game, it would be up to the other players to call for a clock if they felt a player was taking excessively long to make a decision. In some cases, players were taking 5+ minutes to act and this was both annoying to the other players and very unfair to the shorter stacks who wanted to get in more hands before the blinds went up again,

So, tournament hosts created the 1 minute clock for players to act to speed things up. Recognizing that not every decision could be properly arrived at within that 1 minute, they gave players these extensions to use if and when they wanted to. So far it has been very successful and popular where it has been implemented. It has sped up the overall games but still preserved the option of a player spending some more time when necessary.

I don’t know if it would work here or how precisely it could be implemented but it could be a very valuable tool for players that go deep in tournaments here without causing any other delays or expanding the time any tournament takes by more than a minute here or there.

This sounds interesting! And much better than the usual timebanks i know.
Not sure it is easy to create. It can be a button on the playtable with the number of extra time moments you have and you can click on to use one of them. But not sure this or another variant is possible.

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Maybe it could be a time bank button that only becomes active in the last 5 seconds of the normal clock. This would prevent people from clicking it before their turn to act, then going afk knowing they have more time to do whatever it is they are doing.

I’m for more time in general because when they were passing out brains I thought they said “trains” and asked for a nice slow one. :slight_smile:

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