Stop with the Tourney Pop-ups

Everyone in here pays attention to what is coming. as far as tourneys that are coming up. We don’t need Ads for tourneys that will be available down the road in a hour or two. Its annoying as hell.


I’ve also noticed that I receive notifications for random tournaments which I never even wish to participate in. Wonder why that is, it’s only started doing that not too long ago.


I get sometimes 4 of them while playing a MTT and they pop up in all tabs what i have open. It can happen i have to close 20 of them after playing a MTT. Very annoying for me. It is the same what we have in green color in the chat box too. It would be good to have a setting to hide this, but i’m sure Replay is many behind to have this. Replay want to bring the players to the tables.
I made me my add-on to hide the green chatbox messages, and it works good, and i’m sure i can autohide this new pop ups too. First tests looked good. But i’m angry to miss then important things too (MTT start message, invitings to a table,…).

Here while playing the last Bust The Staff:


Agree and has been identified as a problem that needs addressed, along with dealer dealing cards on each card. Waste of space on chat box!


Yes. Probably in the last couple weeks. wish there was a way to block them.

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Exactly what I am talking about. It’s just totally not needed in my opinion.


if you mean the cards been dealt ,sometimes when i didnt pay attention i like that

im hoping it will change to “user settings”, so myself could pick chat and card info (no need for the green)

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I believe there is a bit of confusion here, what you are posting is the ‘Broadcast’ in table chat.
The Tourney Pop-ups are what Poki posted previously. Pop-ups on the dashboard.

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Hi Tiandra,
was not replying to poki…

btw Those popups to which Poki is referring appear on other pages not just the dashboard. I agree with Poki they are super annoying, it wouldn’t be so bad if they would disappear sfter a few seconds, but they are persistent, block what is behind them, and must be closed individually. I have had as many as four stacked up on each of my open pages. They are useless to me as when I want to play in a tournament, I go to the MTT lobby, find the one I want and register for it. I have never clicked on one of these popups other than to close them. I understand that their purpose is to increase player participation in the tourneys they are promoting, but I wonder how effective they are. Perhaps there should be some tracking to see how many are used to register for tournaments. I will bet not many. If they are effective, so be it. If not, either get rid of them or at least change them to non persistent. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you all for giving your views on the Tourney Pop-ups. Please keep them coming! These will, I am sure, be noted by the Staff. Could we please keep this topic on the Pop-ups and post any comments on the Chat Box in another topic as both are worthy of a separate discussion.

i was aware :wink:

i liked the opening post which to me seemed to adres all advertising for tournaments
chat & popups

if its a special tournament it could be helpful, otherwise ill have to agree its more or less spam

  • i think the vast majority of players play a certain set of mtt’s and are aware when they start




Just opened the site and two notifications immediately on the Dashboard page. No need for them at all.


I agree.


I agree also.


Adding my voice that this feature is unwelcome and annoying <3


I agree.


Last Wednesday I started to test a browser add on. Result: Many hours without pop ups and broadcast. Today I was > 12 hours logged in, had many tabs open, and saw not one pop up, and on playing not one broadcast. My selfmade script was in this time off. The new blocker do it better and can block much more. At last its the players/users thing what he want/get to see on browser, and what not. Only some mouse clicks are needed to block what I not want to have.

Players blocked on table:

das32343 Poki65 Litenin Tiandra

I’m surprised this is the first time I’ve noticed this annoying newish feature complained about!

I guess players on RP are pretty tolerant! Every few months and years a few new annoying features get added to the site that make RP less desirable to play on!

I think @Poki65 is referring to the chat box BROADCAST which is SPAM same as the Tourney Pop-Ups and I agree! Every tab I have open gets SPAMMED! Super frustrating to close and clean up all the SPAM received from RP in all Tabs!

Been identified by who? A few players complained about the BROADCAST recently and many years ago! The response by RP is to add more annoyance by implementing Tourney Pop-Ups!

RP clearly doesnt see SPAMMING players “as a problem that needs” addressing if they are adding more SPAM!

I always wonder why RP is so desperate to get players playing in MTTs to the point RP is adding more SPAM?!?!?!?!