Improvement idea for dashboard

first I want to say thank you for replay poker… love, love, love it :slight_smile: so happy to have some great new friends too!

My favorite thing to do here is playing tournaments and my idea to share is how about if on our dashboard, where it lists what tourneys we’ve signed up for, it could also list the time it starts with maybe a ticker as to odds/how many are in, payoff, etc? I like to pick and sign up for the tourneys I would like to play for the day and then can’t remember what time they start, so it would be easier to stay aware this way and also sometimes I am in the middle of another tourney and the new tourney starts, if I could see the odds, perhaps it would help me gauge which tourney I should play and which one I should sacrifice? What do you think replay? Just and idea :)) thanks for listening :))

i completely agree with the odds thing however i dont think all that information on the tourneys will fit in the lobby depending on how many you dign up for. Also you could just check in the tourney lobby drop downs anyway.