Tourney or SnG POP UP for Tourney start a necessity!

See this is a perfect example of why I posted before about having a pop-up when your tourney or sit n go is about to start. I started a 9 man Omaha h/l SnG tourney. Now that generally takes at least 20-30 minutes to fill. So I went to play on a regular table. Lo and behold less than 10 minutes later I thought let me check on it…and? hey what do you know it started w/o even letting me know AND I only had 400 chips left!!! RIDICULOUS!!! Players should not have to log off a table then go into the dashboard and see what’s going on. This really needs to be fixed!!! This is why people are complaining that players aren’t showing up to tourneys! IT’S BECAUSE THEY ARE PLAYING AT ANOTHER TABLE AND DON’T KNOW IT STARTED!!!

It is. Unfortunately the limitation of the browsers wont allow it in the technical level.

HTML5 will change that. Hopefully… ATB