Late register on tour

I need late-reg. tour , frequently happens to me, as I’m late for a minute or two for the tour. Do you?

I’d love to have the opportunity later registration, limited for example, to another blind.


I believe that this is something that is being discussed with the team thanks for your feedback and just fyi i feel the same way as im something a minute or two late to sign up so i think that it would be a good addition

sarkozi is special!!! And Me too!!!

dont spam here :stuck_out_tongue:

I like this idea sarkozi, i have had this problem a couple times and I think this would be great if they had a late feature.

ty …playing tour, I get carried away and predict registration

Spam?? That was support!!!

We think it’s an awesome idea, and we plan to start working on it this month! :slight_smile:

"2 people like this idea including you " - sry, I dont see this. TY pal :wink:

Thanks Paul, I look forward to

i think your just opening a can of worms

if you cant make a tourney in time oh well there will be other tournaments next hour or same tourney be run next day.

if u know going be little late to join tourney it opens 3 hrs before supposed be run no excuess to let people get into tourny after its started

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yes, and u r d first fish who bit into

very clever, you could be apply for a moderate

We just launched the late registration feature for all tournaments. Now you’ll be to join a tournament up to 20 mins after it has started, unless all the seats at the tables are taken (we reserve an extra 20% of seats when the tournament begins or the tournament reaches its maximum capacity eg. 1000 players.

As always please tell us your feedback!

I think 20 min is rediculous. If I get out of tourn can I then rejoin? Why not.? Also, what is the amount that they start with? Do they get what i get? I worked to get someones chips for 20 min, and then someone new comes in, whats my advantage? They could then come in and beat me up after i have been working hard to get ahead. I realize thats part of the game, but its part i don’t care for. This is just my thought. Perhaps it should just remain the same. Don’t try to fix something that isn’t broken. Thanks, Gopo

what 20 mins to join a tourney after its started who has heard such a thing

i agree with gopo that it is ridiculous

all tournamnets open 3 hrs before it is ran if u know going be a few mins late it dont take long to log in find tourney click on register then go do whatever need to do then player can join tourney soon as they can not some 20 mins later

i am admin for paradise poker league

i want to know if this feature includes our league tournaments

if so we want it disabled for our tournaments our players understand if they are late for tournaments they dont get to play and it it will cause problems with our league which we dont need so again i am asking this feature be disabled for our league tournaments


I dont see the option for late register …

good job