Stop people from folding every hand and taking the full time to do it (regardless of how many chips they have, then going all in

well I think it is bad sports man ship to fold every hand but take the full time given doing so. Doing this, the player isn’t playing the game. The player will do this for about 10 hands in a row then suddenly go all in. This slows the game down for everyone else and the player is taking the P out of poker itself.

In poker, especially in tourneys, you have no other choice than accept the play style of every player, when it is according the rules. In ring gams you can leave the table, in tourneys not. The buy-in is paid, the player is allowed to fold so many times he wants, to sit out, with no limit go all-in and he is allowed to use his time of the clock, there are no restrictions for it.

Of course a play style of another player can be annoying or frustrating, do not let it affect your own play. Play your own game. You can never change the play style of others when it is according the rules, whether it’s on purpose or accidentally. It is a part of the game.

I think every player should be allowed to use the time allocated to them as they see fit, but I can imagine a situation where a player might be purposely disrupting the game, by the style in which they play. If you think this is the case then you can report it to Andrew ( and he’ll be happy to take a look.