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in Slow Play :
A time clock is provided for every player on every hand of poker.
Intentionally running out the clock slows the game and makes the experience unpleasant and painfully boring for all players.

in Poor Gamesmanship :
This may include strategies that disrupt the natural flow of the game and are frustrating for fellow players, such as “bingo” play.

I find both of these rules, almost uninforce-able, mostly laughable, and prolly written by a Lawyer. While there are specific cases where these help… in general, the spirit of these rules, are almost never inforced.

Lets take the slo play thingy… when most players take 1-3 seconds, then 1 player takes the full clock ( 20 seconds ) it can feel like an eternity, now take 9 ppl doing it, and 1 street could take 3 full minutes, and 1 hand could take 9 minutes… sure thats the extreme, but its just as disruptive to have 2 ppl constantly using all the clock ( legally ) at a table. Some ppl have watched Chris Furguson, and think its kewl to use all the clock, every time… its NOT.

As for the Sportsmanship thingy… ya know, disrupting other ppls play thru legal,covert,obvert, and every other way possible is part of poker. Knock them off thier game, easier to play yours… If you don’t like an ALL-IN don’t play freak’n No-Limit … We all know why this clause is in there, but its irrational and uninforce-able… in the sprit its written.

When I saw this in another post I almost went berzerk, then I was @ a table… now just follow along with this train of thought…

Buyin was 50k - 200k, it was a Omaha HiLo table ( Ring ), and after a few hands I notice a high ranked player making dumb big raises pre-flop ( a person with 125m or 620x the max buyin for the table )… And I thought of this rule… While currently perfectly legal, its as disruptive or more, to have players playing way below thier bankroll level, and making very loose plays… Should we consider this against CoC ?? by definition it is, but even I don’t agree it should be punishable. I believe there should be bankroll restricted Ring/SnG/MTTs offered to balance out this fact, but not restrict players with a site wide rule of bankroll restrictions.

Replay would have to re-work timers to fix this, even tho I made the perfect suggestion in a prior post and Frustrating your opponents is a great way to get them to “crack” and dump alot of chips or bust outta a MTT/SnG. The wider world is moving to a damn “thought police” mentality and I for 1 am sick of it.

Poker by its very nature, lends itself to exploitative tactics and ultimate adaptation to your opponents. Eliminate these and its not poker anymore…


Greetings Sassy,
All these things in your post are fairly new to poker. It’s the natural downward progression of civility in our society. Poker was first played by Kings and Royalty. It then worked it’s way into the mainstream of our culture. Then there was a horribly huge downturn in civility when poker made the jump to the internet. Now you were no longer sitting at a table across from the person you’re trying to torment and get angry. Poker was most always very enjoyable. Now the treatment a person can dish out today most likely would not occur at a live table. I’ve found most players generally becoming friends not enemies. That’s a benefit most are certainly missing out on… over a perceived extreme tactic they’re sure will give them an advantage to win more free chips… Personally, I don’t care if I lose some free chips… It’s the comradery and friendship I’m getting on a daily bases and enjoy the most… Just say 'in :slight_smile:

But there’s no way to know if it’s intentional. Maybe they have a slow connection or have no arms and have to click their mouse by holding a pencil in their teeth, or something. Why have rules that aren’t enforced?

If your strategies don’t frustrate your fellow players, you need better strategies. What in the world is “the natural flow of the game?” Why have rules that aren’t well defined?

Worse than rules that aren’t enforced are rules that are enforced sometimes and sometimes not enforced. Most people would drive across a bridge spanning a deep ravine, but how many would drive across it if it had no guard rails? People like well defined boundaries.

If some customers want bankroll restricted tables, they should set some up. That doesn’t mean they all have to be restricted. Maybe that would help them to retain less experienced players, and that’s good for everyone.

Aren’t there already fast tables and slower tables? If not, they should set some up. Let those who want to play fast play fast tables, and those who like more time have some tables with more time. It’s not rocket science.

Good gamesmanship can look like poor sportsmanship, and good sportsmanship can seem like poor gamesmanship. Poker, by its very nature, is a brutal vicious game. The basic idea is to identify the weak and exploit them until you have everything they own. It’s a form of warfare, not an Amish barn raising. In fact, cooperation of any sort is called collusion and forbidden.

The rules of poker are well established, and everything allowed by the rules is (and should be) allowed.


I agree with this too. Just because it’s legal to be an idiot doesn’t mean you should behave like an idiot.

I guess my point is that I don’t need to be protected from players like that, I can deal with them without the need for special rules.


[quote=“SunPowerGuru, post:3, topic:6771”]
It’s not rocket science.
[/quote]No its not SPG, and it doesn’t have to be … either…
Simple structural changes would solve 90% of this, Poker itself solves the rest.

SPG, there is a “table flow” to the game… online/bar/casino…
Sure sometimes ya need time to make the right decision, but most of the time you know what you wanna do, and act in less than 4 seconds…

Rail-Bird, trust me I come here to have fun too, but games are meant to be won. You can’t just punish a player for “outside the box thinking” or “a unique strategy”, just cause noone else can beat them…

My reason for this post was after see’n in another post this brought to the surface, I wanted to see what would come from a thread of its own. I’d rather them just say… “we’ll terminate/ban your account at any time, for any reason, under any circumstance… if we feel like it”, because as its currently worded, its really no different… it just smells nicer. I also currently don’t think Replay staff goes outta thier way to abuse thier own CoC against thier players, but they could I guess.

I also don’t think its rocket science, to get daily players from 2500 to 25000.

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table flow yea if you know everybody bet of 10k look at chips flop and stall bet you think slow dont know look out

There are some skillful remedies for most all of this… It’s just that I’m new here and I would be asking people to think outside the box and dare try some beta testing. I just don’t have a clue about their structural software for the games themselves. If the changes are more then the security software is comfortable with, it may not happen…

No dear, there isn’t A table flow anywhere. Tables can flow in many ways, and for many reasons, and all of them are normal table flow for that particular table.

See, that’s the thing… one can’t say it’s wrong to disturb a “table flow” unless one is able to define the term. I use the clock to help me paint whatever picture I want people to see. If the software gives me 20 seconds, I can use 20 seconds if need be.

I don’t use the clock just to annoy people, and don’t think anyone should.

Well OK, there is one exception: if someone keeps saying "hurry up or “zzzzz,” I’ll make sure to take a little extra time. Maybe this is a character flaw, but if it is, I’m willing to live with it.




■■■■■■■■! 20 seconds is not long enough. Replay should reconsider that. thebigo

How much time do you think is appropriate?

Much better solution in Lets Talk MTT Timers, not just for MTT…
Plus, there’s a audio alert for bet warning, yet no alert when its your turn…
most sites give audio&visual alert to tell u its your turn, then only audio for last warning to bet.
here again, a small structural chg, that solves alot …


I like this idea a lot! As you say, should solve a few problems at once…

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is this the same thing as a time bank?
in that case, that would be a great idea that solves a lot of time trouble.


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I like it

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I would like player’s to play faster but,… I figure that I put my chips in I should have the right to slow the play down when every hand on that table I have to fold because a player would go all in. That is my fall back to go there. I am in the league tournaments, looking to gain points on the leader boards. Not get knocked out because I have been pushed all in. well that’s the way I see it.


I also will run the clock when some fool goes all in every hand… if he can ruin my game then I can ruin his. Although I do feel bad for the other players at the table.