Default winners

winning by default is NOT playing poker. I would suggest that if a player goes into ghost more for more that three hands that their blinds and antii be dubbled.

In my opinion, (its mine) the main reason and only one to play poker is win.

Win all, by all means, use of all posibble trick you have in hand. All player can seat out , including you. The diff is, looks like you dont use thet stile, and top of thet, you dont like it. Same thing with the all in players, “bingo” players. Far as I know, in poker, any poker, any book, no restricted rule for this what you ask for. Now some may say, in real tour, you cant do thet, well, you can actually, noone stop you fold your cards and play blinds continiously, as long you at the table and long as you can pay for ante and blinds.

If you change this rule, this freedom, you may call thet new game something else, but not poker.


Your answer is totally wrong. I am a classical poker player and have been for over fifty years.

The game is meant to stimulate you mind, your skill in manipulation of your opponent and ability to out play your fellow competitors, not sit and watch as the game progresses. IMHO your understanding of the game of poker is sourly lacking and you should not be representing this site as a knowledge source. Poker is a game of skill and yes luck, the luck of the draw not some idiot that has no concept of the game.

Hi smallmac

Every game has his rules. When you paid the buy-in of a tourney you have the right to fold every hand and even the right to sit out. I agree with you that sitting out is not playing the game, personal i hate it when i play a 6 seats table tourney and 2 players sitting out. Fact is they have the right to do it.

For Freerolls ReplayPoker has the plan adding a drop out level, so that players fall out of the tourney when they not played a single hand up to a certain level and the plan when they not played a single hand in a tourney (paid or freeroll) that they get no tournaments points.

Greetings Happiness.

I wish to learn, please direct me to your source and or any site where is not possible to seat out during tournament.

As I said, its my opinion, yet, you offend me and mix up moderation with my personal comment. I do respect others , even if totally not agree with it.